Who do you hate???

If you haven’t yet read this insane report, do so by clicking below:This is a PDF file.http://api.ning.com/files/UNNlkOVukw8cXztJc4bDEq2ztrm9owekwvHofmLwYgxLlpwX8*h1av8amHehbYkmt3Qvxny16Gh1ob8gFYeRrw2HVq-joU7Y/hsarightwingextremism0904071.pdf go here to express your disgust.http://www.grassfire.net/r.asp?U=18285&CID=112&RID=19454178 According to this report put out by DHS secretary, and open-bordersstalwart Janet Napolitano, anyone who opposes big government controlor who opposes “single issues” such as illegal immigration, … Continue reading

Don’t just love the way Obama so positively stands up for our Country and it’s Citizens! On piracy of one of our ships, and holding hostage of it’s Captain: “piracy is a concern for all nations” Don’t make me puke….. Send him back to wherever he came from