San Francisco solves crime problems (kinda)

It appears for door openers, San Francisco politicians have formed a coalition with Google. If you do a search for, say, San Francisco Streets images, you immediately notice that Google has solved the homeless situation! As you peruse a hundred or so photos of streets all around the city, there is not one sign of any homelessness, no shit or needles and not a bit of trash. It is totally 70’s and 80’s, when SF was a nice place to visit and explore. Thanks to Google, California’s homelessness, drugs and poverty is solved! I did notice a lot of older cars. I had no idea there were so many old car aficionados in the city.

While Google has been cleaning up the streets, City Fathers are busy reducing crime in their city. All felons, convicted and pending, have been run out of town and replaced with “Justice-involved Persons” and released felons have been replaced by “formerly incarcerated persons” and “returning residents”

The Board of Supervisors adopted the changes last month even as the city suffers from one of the highest crime rates in the country and staggering inequality exemplified by pervasive homelessness alongside Silicon Valley wealth. The local officials say the new language will help change people’s views about those who commit crimes.

Some Californians are protesting unequal employment opportunities for those “returning residents.” I understand the City is paying a $75,000 annual salary for picking up shit and syringes from the streets. That could be an opportunity for some of those being discriminated against because they are “formerly incarcerated persons” but then, on the other hand, they probably can only hire people with a legal address other than tent 12, halfway down the block

On another subject, I think it was Harry Truman that said an honest politician will never be a millionaire. Obama has proved that to be a false statement, since the Press and all the Dementocrats claim he is as pure as driven snow. He has been so “honest” a politician that he has gone from smoking pot on the street corner with buddies, to looking to buy a 15 MILLION DOLLAR home in Martha’s Vineyard. Perhaps there is some evidence floating around some where that Obama should be a Justice Involved Person. But, you will probably just have to put that in your pipe and smoke it!


White privilege ???




The shirts say “Sheriff’s inmates Unsentanced”