In the Looking Glass

President Trump gave an outstanding speech at the U. N. yesterday. And then came the Fake News, telling us all about Presidential BS and Lies.

And then came the Demoturds, literally shitting in their pant with fear. Absolutely terrified that Trump would do anything but kiss a little potentate’s ass and give him some money to “play nice”

I set here trying to write something intelligent, watching Fox news. But, the rhetoric from the left, the inanities spouted by Maxine Waters, Larry Ellison, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi totally drains any coherent thought from my mind, leaving me numb with incredulity.

Winning a battle of words with the likes of them is almost impossible. If I ever got far enough down in the gutter to argue at their level of idiocy, they would whip me with experience.

I have determined that the only time a Democrat actually sees a liar is when they look in the mirror.


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