Help for Harvey Victims

In the last 3 days, I have had more than 50 requests to donate immediately for Hurricane Harvey Victims. I am sure you all have, too.

Please be careful who you send money to. They all claim to want to help. But… how much of the money actually gets to the cause? In many cases, only the Shadow knows (If you don’t need to google that phrase, you are probably older than you look!)

Especially persistent about getting money are many of the conservative news letters I get. Sorry, guys, I love your comments, but can’t vouch for your validity. Also, you know some real n0-nos like HSUS or PETA will be seeking to add to their retirement funds stashed over seas where the IRS and others cannot get to them.

There are some who give all. The Red Cross. The Salvation Army. If you are a Veteran, check with your local American Legion or VFW. I received notice yesterday that American Legion posts from around the country are sending several semi-trucks loaded with food, clothing and supplies, all due in Houston this weekend.

For helping our stranded, lost or abandoned pets, please check out SE Texas shelters and make donations directly to them.

It will be many years before we are completely recovered from the devastation caused by this storm and the flooding. Thank you for helping where possible to relieve some of the stress and anxiety that grips 100,000’s, no, millions, of our residents.


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