Good news! (or maybe not, depending on your point of view)

Ty O’Really, Fred Water and I have successfully escaped from the confines of my cluttered office. We took a wrong turn one night, somewhere between my desk and storage wall. Got trapped by old magazines, shipments of paper still waiting for shelf space and a stray bunch of ancient aliens looking for their undersea escape route.

We had some discussions with them, or at least Ty O’Really and Fred Water did. For some reason, they had no problem speaking ancient alien.   Seems they lost their passports and Homeland Security declared them Illegal Ancient Aliens.

Loosely translated, they blamed their problems on Donald Trump. Seems to be very popular right now. Blaming Donald Trump, that is.

I have been quiet because I firmly believe we have had all the hate and discontent we can handle right now. The MSM, Schumer, Pelosi, Fienstein and on the other side, centrist Republicans, McCain, Kasich, Red State have spread tons of hate and bull shit at both our President and Conservative America in general.

What can I say that does not come across as more hate and BS, getting lost in the big piles spread all over the place? Probably not much. But, then, on the other hand, Silence does Not Become Me. Patience is Not My Middle Name. One should Vent One’s Spleen before it explodes.

So, on a rainy day in Houston, compliments of Hurricane Harley, we will start a new series aimed at those on both sides who seek to destroy our Great Country, take away our Freedoms, and generally promote Big Government as the solution to all our ills.


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