Fred Water

Fred is a great cat. In TICA * he is a Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Alter. His official name is slightly longer than his title. That is why we call him Fred. And he likes his name. That is very important. If they do not like their name, you will get perpetually ignored and not know why. When we help a pet pick their name, we try different names and combinations. When you get the right one, their ears perk up and the look at you with that “how did you know” look. (Similar to that innocent “not me” look when accused of pooping on the floor.) We proved this conclusively with a pet named Sir Charles. He liked Charles. When you called Charles, he would come. Call him Sir Charles? Come running with a smile. Chuck or Charlie? Dirty look and turned his back to you. Any other name, like Kitty, was just ignored.

Back to the main point, though. Fred has his own water, called Fred Water. It is carefully bottled by artisans located somewhere in this world near a spring and, unlike lead-containing and polluted Flint, MI water, it is clear, healthy pure spring water. Also, unlike Flint Water, it is not tax-supported by the American Taxpayer.

Lest you think otherwise, just this past week,

Water Infrastructure Conference Report – Vote Passed (360-61, 12 Not Voting)

The House passed a measure that would authorize $170 million in aid to Flint, Mich., to repair its lead-contaminated drinking water system, including $100 million to replace its water pipes and other infrastructure, and it would establish several new programs to promote safe drinking water and reduce any concentrations of lead, as well as to test for lead in schools and child care centers. The measure also would take several actions to help California deal with its years-long drought, including by requiring that more northern water be diverted south to drought-stricken areas.
I did not get a recap of how much we just went on the hook for all the So-Cal millionaire Movie Moguls to keep water in their swimming pools.

You will note, that even though we have a Republican, Conservative House, who is constantly starting to complain that President Elect Trump wants to cut taxes without cutting revenue, they (those same fine Republican Conservatives) voted to spend more of your money and increase the National Debt without any other cost-cutting offset. This was IN ADDITION to the 1.07 TRILLION DOLLAR EXTENSION to keep the current POTUS and spouse on the golf courses and high priced resorts, and, of course, make sure that all the illegal aliens coming into our country get the $1800 so monthly welfare checks.


Welcome to the New Conservatives, carefully monitoring and ready with all kinds of roadblocks to hinder any thing Donald Trump will want to do to make life better for all us Americans,


*The International Cat Association,