RedState + Beck = start of the end

There can be almost NO doubt left that RedState is now totally in the enemy’s camp. They now have joined forces with Glenn Beck, and are all going to Denver to join in Toad Lickin’ Pot Smoking celebrations of the death of America and all the freedoms so many of us have fought and died to protect.

They are totally out in Left field, helping out the George Soros purchased and dominated Libturd Zombies. The really pitiful part of this scenario is that they are drawing otherwise intelligent people into their web of deceit. How can they honestly stand there telling us they are “for America” when they can only look to the Elite Establishment who have sold you down the river for “salvation” from the ideas and beliefs put forth by Donald Trump?

What right do they have to tell me I HAVE to either vote someone else or stay home? I know the leaders of RedState, and certainly Glenn Beck absolutely and positively know that if you do not vote for Donald J. Trump for President, you are really casting a vote for Hillary Clinton, casting a vote for Making America Socialist and destroying your own, your children’s and grand children’s future to ever achieve the dreams, hopes and inspiration of freedom-loving people everywhere.

So, is a vote for Donald Trump the answer to your dreams? Maybe not, but NOT voting is a guarantee that your dreams will be dashed on the alters of the Liberal thieves, liars and cheats out to take all your wealth and freedoms,  leaving you nothing but a tin shed by the closed factories, totally dependent on the Government and whatever crumbs they throw your way. Doubt me? Look at the poverty wrought on Argentina or Venezuela by the haters of your Freedom and Opportunity! Look and the poverty, death and total destruction of Cuba brought on by the haters of your Freedom and Opportunity, by those who would take all for themselves in the guise of “helping” you, leaving you absolutely nothing but poverty, sickness, rags and death.

If you cannot see the truth, if you cannot understand the danger of allowing the destructive patterns of the Obama era to continue, if you think “it won’t be so bad under Hillary and Billary” then I only have one piece of advise left for you:



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