Getting a head start

Appears the guys at RedState got an advance shipment of toads, since they “inadvertently” emailed yesterdays newsletter. They probably did that because Ted Cruz so damaged his brand at the RNC they just wanted to give him a extra shout-out.

Headlines from RedState after the Trump speech last night: (from the “corrected” email)

If You Actually Care about Conservative Principles, Join Glenn Beck and Me in Denver Aug. 12-14

What, oh what could they possibly have to offer now other than 4 more years of Obama failures, compounded by Hillary’s graft and corruption? RedState, and Glenn Beck by joining them, has now OFFICIALLY, beyond any possible doubt, come out in support of “Lock her up” Hillary.

They obviously believe that 4-8 years, coupled with 40+ years of an ultra liberal Supreme Court majority stealing our Freedom, Liberty and taking whatever little wealth we have left, giving our children and grand children the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living in abject 3rd world poverty is the better way to live.

For God’s sake, do not let the people choose to vote for someone who just may stem the flood of destruction coming our way! Go lick a toad and smoke some pot in Denver while loudly selling out our Country under the guise of “Of Conservative Principles.”

If you can still support them, let me know, I will send you the Hillary Campaign donation address and a raffle ticket for a drawing to win your very own toad to lick.



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