What “unbiased” and “Islamic Terrorist” have in common

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Washington, D.C. – Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy (SC-04) released the following statement after the committee’s Majority released a mark of its investigative report: “Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were heroes who gave their lives in service to our country. Their bravery and the courageous actions of so many others on the ground that night should be honored. When the Select Committee was formed, I promised to conduct this investigation in a manner worthy of the American people’s respect, and worthy of the memory of those who died. That is exactly what my colleagues and I have done.  Now, I simply ask the American people to read this report for themselves, look at the evidence we have collected, and reach their own conclusions. You can read this report in less time than our fellow citizens were taking fire and fighting for their lives on the rooftops and in the streets of Benghazi.”

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (GA-03) released the following statement regarding these findings: “One of the most concerning parts of the State Department’s policy in Libya was its reliance upon the militias of an unstable nation to protect our men and women in Benghazi. These were by no means forces that could adequately protect Americans on the ground, and the State Department knew it. But the appearance of no boots on the ground was more important to the administration.”

Part IV of the report reveals new information about the Select Committee’s requests and subpoenas seeking documents and witnesses regarding Benghazi and Libya, and details what the Obama administration provided to Congress, what it is still withholding, and how its serial delays hindered the committee’s efforts to uncover the truth.

Full Report: Select Committee on Benghazi


The Committee Dumbocrats released their own version, white-washing both Clinton and King POTUS of any wrong-doing. I don’t know the full connection, but saw some notes that Trump was mentioned 40+ times, appearently he was involved somehow in the Republican conspiracy to confuse voters and disparage pure-as-driven-snow Dumbocats.

Should you wish to be sick to your stomach and wreck your whole day, CNN gratefully offers it here

This divisive and partisan release once again confirms that the term “unbiased” has been placed on the same Politically Correct no-fly list as other terms, like “Islamic Terrorist” and “2nd Amendment”


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