RedState Really Hates You

Leon Wolf, the Managing Editor of RedState, the so-called conservative voice, describes all the Republicans who are fed up with Corruption As Usual of the self-proclaimed “Elites” in Washington, all the Primary Voters who distinctly stood up against the Greed Of Power establishment, as

… even worse ignoramuses and buffoons who abdicated their civic duty to take voting seriously

I am not certain just who the less worse ignoramuses were, unless he is referring to the Kasiolive-oylch and Bernie supporters, who he did not like, either.

In other great RS headlines, encouraging all who could make a difference to either Stay Home or Vote Hillary,

I Love George Will

Anti-Trump Delegate Mutineers Descend on Cleveland

What If They Gave A Convention And No One Came?

Donald Trump Cares More About his Dumb Trucker Hats than he Does about the Supreme Court

Hey! I know a lot of Conservative Republicans, a bunch of Veterans, and even a few Libertarians and Democrats.

Unlike RedState ignoramuses and buffoons

Many supported Ted Cruz, Christi, Ben Carson. Then they got over it, and now that the Presumptive Nominee is Donald Trump, they ALL KNOW Trump is a far better choice than Hillary to lead our country back from the path to Socialism and further Despotism of the Washington power brokers.

If you disagree, remember, RedState has a gathering August 12-14, and you are welcome to join them for 3 days of Toad Lickin’ and Pot Smokin’ in beautiful downtown Denver Colorado.



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