Liberals are sick

Now that I have a blog to piss of the conservatives (see prior post from 6/7) it is time to attack the Libturds. Where-oh-where do we hit them? How about a “gut punch?”

For all of you who believe POTUS and all his nincompooperies about how great the economy is and telling you how much work you have; according to Oklahoma State University’s monthly Food Demand Survey (FooDS) willingness-to-pay dropped for all food products in June compared with the month earlier, most especially for deli ham (down 13.62 percent, to $1.84) and steak (down 13.2 percent, to $6.18). It is also the third month in a row that consumer willingness to pay has dropped for steak, chicken breast and chicken wings, and the fourth consecutive month the measure has fallen for pork chops and deli ham.

Overall, consumers continue to rein in their spending, with an expected 0.63 percent drop in spending on food for home consumption in the next two weeks, and more than twice that — 1.38 percent — less on food eaten away from home in the upcoming two weeks, the report said.

And, lest you accuse me of only considering conservatives, put this in your hookah pipes, all you Libturd “Healthy” Food supporters: The FooDS report asked respondents if they or anyone else in the house had eaten food from a farmers market (includes Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s) in the previous two weeks. A little less than one-third said they had shopped for food at a farmers market in that time frame. They tended to be younger men from either the East Coast or the West, with higher incomes and liberal politics. They also were 10 times as likely to say that they had experienced food poisoning in the previous two weeks than those respondents who had not eaten or shopped at a farmers market.

So, all you sippy cuppers out there, maybe it’s time to get your collective heads out of your collective asses, look around you and see that the Dumbocrat Libturds have sold your country down the drain, taken your money through lower wages and higher taxes, destroyed your health with ObamaScare, forced you to drive puny little cars that need to be in reverse to get up enough speed to get on the highway and have done their very best to outlaw any lower-cost energy sources such as coal or domestic petroleum products.

Need I mention what they have done to our Military? I think not.

And you all think POTUS useless is doing such a great job you want Hillary to follow in his footsteps?

Think about some change, not only in the government, but perhaps for your pocket, too.



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