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I found this in the Draft folder, so from the For What It’s Worth dept:

To quote Katherine Harris on Fox News, “when the State Dept. employees were asked if they were told not to question Hillary Clinton’s private email, rather than answer, they requested legal counsel.”

truthorwellSince everyone in Government assumes we, the mere lackeys who get to pay all the taxes, are guilty until we go bankrupt with lawyer fees proving the Govt. is a bunch of whiny liars, I guess tit-for-tat is fair play. They are guilty as Hell of knowingly covering up ILLEGAL TREASONOUS ACTIONS on the part of Hillary Clinton and should immediately be held without bond until Hillary and Billary cough up the truth.

Speaking of not telling the truth, Indian Princess ‘Liz(ard) Warren accused The Donald of capitalizing on the housing crunch, while forgetting to mention she bought some property during that period for about 30K and flipped it a few months later for over 100K profit. She (Pocahontas) claimed she thought she was of Native American ancestry because she has “high cheekbones.” If she would quit looking down her nose like 0bamus impotus does, they would not be so high.



*Before y’all send me emails, although I do agree that Hillary should have a “stake” and not a “steak” my irreverent spelling stands.

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