Sen. Ben Sasse says …

when asked about the potential of Ted Cruz to win the Nebraska primary today,”You don’t know what Nebraskans will do…”  Or, in other words, “y’all are so stupid you will vote for a dead horse for President.”

Wow, and you actually elected this piece of GOP shit? Why? With an attitude like this, next week he will be telling you: “A Republican vote for Hillary will sure tell Trump where he can go.”

This seems to be the attitude of a whole bunch of Repukelicans that really, truly enjoy their political power and wealth, all gained from the sweat of your work and the extraction of your taxes. They do and will continue to sell out your Country, your Freedom and your Liberty, all for their own good and retention of power.

So, how about a 3rd party? The GOP entrenched establishment wants one to run against Trump, letting Hillary win. Trump floated the idea of a 3rd party, but he wants Bernie Sanders to head it up, knowing that will totally destroy the Dumbocrats for many, many years to come.

1moneySo, which would you bank on? A) potentially conservative nominations for the Supreme Court from a person who sincerely believes he can make America Great Again, or B) Hillary appointing the current POTUS, along with the support of all the Libturds and Entrenched GOP? Do you really want 50 or more years of Supreme Court manipulation stealing your 2nd Amendment rights? Increased intrusion from the LBGT what-evers intruding into your bathrooms and teaching your children the joys of perversion? Then what? A Moose-Limb POTUS or VP selling the joys of Sharia Law? (and Hell-ery says she is out for women?) U betcha she is.


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