RedState endorses Hillary

What is RedState up to? They most certainly need to take a new look out of their egg shell now that Cruz checked out. So what are they pushing now? Nothing new. #HateTrump, #StayHome, and now #HillaryAndBillaryAreBetterThanTrump.

Come on, whiners, wake up and realize the party is just starting. You have a choice here. You can STAY HOME like you did for Mittens and McCain.

Or, you can wipe the whiny tears from your eyes and do your best to expel the Commies, Moos-Limbs and Obama-Zombies from public office. Your choice: #More of the Same or #CleanHouse for the next 4 years while y’all get your shit together and find a candidate that not only you can support, but can also find support among the general population that (still) controls the vote in this country. As long as you sit home, whine, and wring your hands, our great land will be dominated and destroyed by the east and west coast liberals. reducing our “fly-over” to nothing more than an EPA-regulated wasteland.

Looking at your daily blogs, it appears you are now finding every Super-Stupid lying right-wing bimbo site to quote as truth.

By the way, I went to their site to comment on their articles, but they cancelled my user name and password, notifying me that I am not authorized to post. So, notageek will speak here.


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