No Christians Allowed

Here’s something I can guarantee you have not heard on any news station.

( – The Obama administration has admitted 499 Syrian refugees so far this month, with no Christians among them.

muslims2Since October 1, a total of 2,235 Syrian refugees have been resettled in the United States. Of them, 10 are Christians. Read all the ugly details


0bama is involved up to his eyeballs (apparently the only kind of balls he has) in the de-Christianizing of our country. Not only is he importing unknown numbers of radical Moose-Limb jihadists, he is busy introducing diseases and potential plagues not seen in this country for generations. Viruses we had finally eliminated from our lives are returning, and others we should never have to face are now crawling through our nation, targeting our children and families. In addition to the word “jihad” we now must re-introduce into our lexicon the words measles, polio, diphtheria, tuberculosis, malaria, scabies, dengue, and now “Zika.”

And Congress dances to his tune.

All you wonderful Mittens and Beck supporters, all you bigots over at RedState, better wake up and support throwing out all your precious GOP Entrenched Establishment while you all whine about Trump, preferring the “Slime in the Ice Machine” Pillary Clinton, who will continue the destruction started by 0bama. (Not for the same reasons, though, just her personal greed for ever more money and more power the Clintons are famous for)

Well, maybe you will get lucky and she goes to jail. Then you get Bernies Advanced Socialism.



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