GOP Shitheads

I have lost almost all semblance of my shredded loyalty to the Republican party. For the most part, I am thoroughly ashamed of the actions of many current and former leaders of the GOP. To wit:

President George H W Bush, old fart that he is, is being a horses ass by not supporting the apparent nominee and is causing enormous damage to the Republican brand, and will end up throwing votes to Hillary Clinton.

Along with him, I include a man I personally had a lot of respect for, that being President George W Bush. Although I did not always agree with his leadership, I respected him for the strong individual his is and gave him my utmost respect. But no longer. He is being petty because little brother was not the chosen.

Carl Rove has been dropped from those whose opinion I can respect. Mitt Romney is still a loser, who needs to either get on board or go play with his staplers.

Our current House Leader Paul Ryan is a disgrace to the party. He not only has sold out to the Obama administration, he is showing his fear of loss of power over the voter. Since he is such a stupid greedy schmuck that would rather see the party fall apart than get behind the leading contender and rally the party and voters, he should be run out of office in disgrace.

There are others who I will add to this list in the coming days.

We are on the verge of complete destruction of our Freedom and our self-governance, substituting a strong socialist/communist style of government with the poverty levels seen in Argentina, Venezuela, Greece and others. If we cannot stop this theft of our Liberties and Freedom through the ballot box, then we will have to resort to the real reason for the 2nd Amendment. In the words of Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers, this is the Amendment we don’t need until they come for our guns, and until we need to protect ourselves from the tyranny of our own government “leaders.”


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