No Christians Allowed

Here’s something I can guarantee you have not heard on any news station.

( – The Obama administration has admitted 499 Syrian refugees so far this month, with no Christians among them.

muslims2Since October 1, a total of 2,235 Syrian refugees have been resettled in the United States. Of them, 10 are Christians. Read all the ugly details


0bama is involved up to his eyeballs (apparently the only kind of balls he has) in the de-Christianizing of our country. Not only is he importing unknown numbers of radical Moose-Limb jihadists, he is busy introducing diseases and potential plagues not seen in this country for generations. Viruses we had finally eliminated from our lives are returning, and others we should never have to face are now crawling through our nation, targeting our children and families. In addition to the word “jihad” we now must re-introduce into our lexicon the words measles, polio, diphtheria, tuberculosis, malaria, scabies, dengue, and now “Zika.”

And Congress dances to his tune.

All you wonderful Mittens and Beck supporters, all you bigots over at RedState, better wake up and support throwing out all your precious GOP Entrenched Establishment while you all whine about Trump, preferring the “Slime in the Ice Machine” Pillary Clinton, who will continue the destruction started by 0bama. (Not for the same reasons, though, just her personal greed for ever more money and more power the Clintons are famous for)

Well, maybe you will get lucky and she goes to jail. Then you get Bernies Advanced Socialism.



Where’s the Koolaid?

Where’s the catch????

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal appeals court said Monday in a California lawsuit that the Second Amendment right to bear arms extends to gun stores and requires governments to justify restrictions on them.

The ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals came in a lawsuit against Alameda County by three men who wanted to open a gun store. They said a county ordinance that prohibits gun stores within 500 feet of a residential area violated the Second Amendment.

The county, therefore, has to present evidence to justify the restriction and can’t simply assert that gun stores increase crime, 9th Circuit Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain said in the 2-1 decision.

Black leaders: WH transgender agenda an insult

“Not only does the president support this radical LGBTQ agenda, he’s now forcing America’s parents and their children to embrace it.”

African-American leader Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Christian Church (Beltsville, Maryland) agrees. “It’s not even about access to bathrooms or laws,” he says. “They have an agenda to mainstream themselves and then to make you like it.”

The Transgender issue has made another move. Not content with their social experiments in your restrooms, the Obama administration is headed for your wallet. The Obamacare rules, an ever-evolving monster, are issuing guideline to insurance providers. Obama wants transsexual operations to be provided under Obamacare. He wants it so bad he is willing to underwrite it with your tax dollars.



Sen. Ben Sasse says …

when asked about the potential of Ted Cruz to win the Nebraska primary today,”You don’t know what Nebraskans will do…”  Or, in other words, “y’all are so stupid you will vote for a dead horse for President.”

Wow, and you actually elected this piece of GOP shit? Why? With an attitude like this, next week he will be telling you: “A Republican vote for Hillary will sure tell Trump where he can go.”

This seems to be the attitude of a whole bunch of Repukelicans that really, truly enjoy their political power and wealth, all gained from the sweat of your work and the extraction of your taxes. They do and will continue to sell out your Country, your Freedom and your Liberty, all for their own good and retention of power.

So, how about a 3rd party? The GOP entrenched establishment wants one to run against Trump, letting Hillary win. Trump floated the idea of a 3rd party, but he wants Bernie Sanders to head it up, knowing that will totally destroy the Dumbocrats for many, many years to come.

1moneySo, which would you bank on? A) potentially conservative nominations for the Supreme Court from a person who sincerely believes he can make America Great Again, or B) Hillary appointing the current POTUS, along with the support of all the Libturds and Entrenched GOP? Do you really want 50 or more years of Supreme Court manipulation stealing your 2nd Amendment rights? Increased intrusion from the LBGT what-evers intruding into your bathrooms and teaching your children the joys of perversion? Then what? A Moose-Limb POTUS or VP selling the joys of Sharia Law? (and Hell-ery says she is out for women?) U betcha she is.


RedState endorses Hillary

What is RedState up to? They most certainly need to take a new look out of their egg shell now that Cruz checked out. So what are they pushing now? Nothing new. #HateTrump, #StayHome, and now #HillaryAndBillaryAreBetterThanTrump.

Come on, whiners, wake up and realize the party is just starting. You have a choice here. You can STAY HOME like you did for Mittens and McCain.

Or, you can wipe the whiny tears from your eyes and do your best to expel the Commies, Moos-Limbs and Obama-Zombies from public office. Your choice: #More of the Same or #CleanHouse for the next 4 years while y’all get your shit together and find a candidate that not only you can support, but can also find support among the general population that (still) controls the vote in this country. As long as you sit home, whine, and wring your hands, our great land will be dominated and destroyed by the east and west coast liberals. reducing our “fly-over” to nothing more than an EPA-regulated wasteland.

Looking at your daily blogs, it appears you are now finding every Super-Stupid lying right-wing bimbo site to quote as truth.

By the way, I went to their site to comment on their articles, but they cancelled my user name and password, notifying me that I am not authorized to post. So, notageek will speak here.


GOP Shitheads

I have lost almost all semblance of my shredded loyalty to the Republican party. For the most part, I am thoroughly ashamed of the actions of many current and former leaders of the GOP. To wit:

President George H W Bush, old fart that he is, is being a horses ass by not supporting the apparent nominee and is causing enormous damage to the Republican brand, and will end up throwing votes to Hillary Clinton.

Along with him, I include a man I personally had a lot of respect for, that being President George W Bush. Although I did not always agree with his leadership, I respected him for the strong individual his is and gave him my utmost respect. But no longer. He is being petty because little brother was not the chosen.

Carl Rove has been dropped from those whose opinion I can respect. Mitt Romney is still a loser, who needs to either get on board or go play with his staplers.

Our current House Leader Paul Ryan is a disgrace to the party. He not only has sold out to the Obama administration, he is showing his fear of loss of power over the voter. Since he is such a stupid greedy schmuck that would rather see the party fall apart than get behind the leading contender and rally the party and voters, he should be run out of office in disgrace.

There are others who I will add to this list in the coming days.

We are on the verge of complete destruction of our Freedom and our self-governance, substituting a strong socialist/communist style of government with the poverty levels seen in Argentina, Venezuela, Greece and others. If we cannot stop this theft of our Liberties and Freedom through the ballot box, then we will have to resort to the real reason for the 2nd Amendment. In the words of Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers, this is the Amendment we don’t need until they come for our guns, and until we need to protect ourselves from the tyranny of our own government “leaders.”


Let me count the ways …

… Liberals love you and want to protect your freedoms.

  1. NYC Mayor de Blasio wants you to boycott Chick-fil-A to protect you from those hateful people who chick-fil-a-outsidebelieve marriage is between a man and woman. You can see his plan is working?
  2. Oakland Police Department declared racist for efforts to curb drunk driving during Cinco de Mayo celebrations.
  3. San Francisco police refuse to arrest robbers and thieves because it is “denigrating to poor people.”
  4. If you are Black and Conservative, you cannot speak at Virginia Tech. “Mr. Riley, who is black, has attracted some negative attention since his publication in 2014 of Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed,” wrote National Association of Scholars President Peter Wood in the pages of National Review, which broke the story.
  5. A speech by an LGBTQ activist at Brown University was cancelled after students protested the event because it was to be held at the university’s Hillel House, a Jewish student organization which, according to the University students, is a racist organization because it does not favor Palestinian terrorists attacking and killing Israeli citizens.bernie2
  6. Bernie Sanders says you must pay your help a minimum of $15 per hour. He, however, only pays $12 per hour to his workers. I guess he can pay less because they work slower?
  7. And, Hillary wants all Kentuckians and West Virginians to never work again. She recently said all coal miners need to be permanently unemployed, once again demonstrating that she believes Welfare is better than Workfare.

I could go on and on, but why…

kerrey-do pillery