RedState Toad-Lickers

2016 RedState Gathering events will be held in downtown Denver.

RedState “Rubio Sacrificed His Campaign to Save America.”

Erick Erickson Demands “Marco Rubio Drop Out Of The Presidential Race.”

RedState “It is Time to Unite Behind Ted Cruz. Right Now.”

Explain to me what I am missing here? The Erik Erickson #hate Trump #love Cruz-Rubio group is lamenting too little diversity on the Sunday Morning talk shows?

“MSNBC has canceled its weekend morning editorial program Melissa Harris-Perry. The cancellation deals a significant blow to diversity on cable news, as Harris-Perry consistently hosted the most diverse guests of any of the Sunday morning news shows.”

Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Between RedState and Erick Erickson, the conservative evangelical and Southern Red Neck Blue Collar workers are being told to get back on the GOP Plantation. Don’t you dare think for yourselves and maybe pick a candidate that appeals to you. You all are just too efing stupid to think for yourselves. You are being beaten over the head with “Cruz made great headway, Trump Loses” stories told about states where Trump was the clear winner. Congratulations to one-term Texas Senator Cruz for winning a majority of delegates in his home state while losing a majority of delegates in all other normally conservative Southern states that have held primaries and/or caucuses to date.

Do Conservatives wonder if they can trust a Texas Lawyer? Or, just maybe, they are really sick and tired of past leaders of the Tea Party and Evangelical groups siding with the One World Big Government power brokers?

Should maybe, just maybe, the RedState and Erickson folks rethink that they may end up being HILLARYFORPRISON_BUMPER_STICKERresponsible for Hillary Clinton going to the White House instead of the Big House? It appears to me that if you continually berate and belittle your core constituency, they may drop you just like they did Mittens, and years back dropped Goldwater.

Even MORE important, where do you go besides some deep, dark hole if Trump IS the Republican (not GOP, the One World-ers and Bankers like Mitt Romney) Candidate? Maybe they could start a 3rd party, I am sure a Rubio or Kasich/Bloomberg ticket would be supported by someone somewhere.

Toad-Suck-ParkMaybe RedState will just stay up in Colorado after their convention, smoking stuff that is legal there, and join the toad lickers.  I can see a real problem coming down the road if some of these “hate Trump” groups begin to get their  way.  I mean, really, where is the middle ground between the “ultimate outsider’ for Trump or Cruz and the “No-never an outsider” GOP Establishment?

If you have not had your primary or caucus yet, please keep an open mind, do not be swayed by bigots and haters on either side. Look for a candidate you can honestly say “This person can beat the Hillary Machine, and hopefully bring at least a little sanity to the White House.”


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