RedState = DeadState

You can skip your morning RedState Koolaid report on last night’s CNN debate. In nutshell:

  1. Cruz won.
  2. Trump lost.
  3. CNN sucks.

Rumors have it that those folks at RedState had another shipment of Horny Toads sent in to get a head start on the Denver gathering. Looking at the daily blogs on RedState, it is obvious the overall effect of toad licking can cause a person to have vivid hallucinations.

The good news today is that I do not have any children still in High School, allowing me to Think On My Own, to Express Opinions Not Endorsed by POTUS and his Moose-Limb lackeys, and to generally comment on how you, dear reader, can take back control of our Country, and not be harassed by the FBI or tagged with a “Caution: Sovereign Citizen Aboard” bumper sticker.

So, until they change their mind, it still safe for me to suggest you Go Vote for your favorite non-establishment GOP candidate. With potential winning choices down to just 2, choose Trump or Cruz. While at it, encourage a Democrat or 2 to make the big switch and vote Republican in the Primary and General Elections in your state


Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister

And pleamitchmcse remember that Mitch McConnell and Hairy Read love you





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