Queer Devil Worshippers for a Better Future

From Eagle Rising

The University of Minnesota-Morris (UMM) “gay devil worshippers” are coming out of the woodwork to combat an alleged uprising of conservative voices on campus, the group announced in a campus-wide email earlier this year. The group of Satanists affirmed its mission is “to address the budding conservatism” on UMM’s campus.


According to our Trainee, Fred Water: All members must “recite the Infernal Oath.” As part of the oath, members  “must actively oppose all forms of oppression, including but not limited to, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, ableism, capitalism and all that spawns from such treacherous lechery.”


Now that Fred Water has resumed playing with a shopping bag in the hallway*, Hello RedState, once again commenting on how bad the leader is losing. Wait, did they really say that by “being ahead in votes, delegates and generally speaking to huge audiences, and being so against the libturds they are actually so afraid of Trump winning, they are staging massive rallies to drown him out” means he is going to lose to Cruz? Well, kinda. They did acknowledge, though, that Utah might not be the home of umteen thousands of Trump Supporters, since only Mittens-approved persons may be voted for or supported.

In a rare meeting of the minds, Ty O’Really and Fred Water both agree we are in for a rough election year. We have way too much bitter division within the Republican party. While it is normal for the candidates to not be particularly nice to each other, it neither normal nor good that we also have the Washington Establishment and Big Money guys also attacking the candidates. So far, they have supported only the losing establishment guys. Are they now backing Cruz? Or just spending millions on hate advertising against Trump?

Folks, we have a crisis in Government. We need to get rid of as many libturds and GOP insiders as we can. Hopefully the in the states that have not yet held a primary or caucus, the establishmentarians will have some competition so we can change out some old GOP for some new ones, then come the November Elections, dump some more Dems from congress and the Senate.



*Fred steals plastic shopping bags, then destroys them a leaves them for dead all over the house.
**today’s blog sponsored by a moment of mental lapse. Now back to the to-do list… 🙂

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