Primary 2.1

So, Super Tuesday Too is past, and now, we are down to 2 candidates and 1 spoiler. So, where from here?

b-freeShitFor all those states still having primaries, you have been denied the establishment alternatives to government for the people, of the people and by the people. So, I guess if you like the current lobbyist and graft system, if you think all Americans need to be back on the plantation, but don’t want the screw-you-over form offered by the Clinton machine, you can change parties and vote Bernie. What better way can you find to note only waste your vote, but make a positive statement about how strong you feel for the destruction of our way of life, and the ruination of the Greatest Country the world has ever seen? How better to get even with the party that brought near unrestrained growth and individual opportunity to all under President Ronald Regan, or that brought an end to slavery under President Lincoln?

You know, that great Nation the Democrats have sought to destroy since the civil war, and made such great steps of returning not only Blacks, but all Americans, back to the plantation under Lindon B Johnson’s Great Society programs, (a man so modest his wife, children and even the dog had to have his initials form their names) and now even more down-on-the-Plantation for all under POTUS Obama?

trumpkittyifCruzCatOr, perhaps you could choose between a nominee who all the liberals claim “will start riots” if not nominated,  or the nominee who is hated by almost all currently elected Republicans, and, although a strict Conservative, may not be able to rally the GOP to work with him in rebuilding our Nation.  If you want the .1 candidate in this 2.1 option, go ahead, vote as you should. No harm done.


But, and here is the key: Once your delegates agree and nominate the GOP candidate for President, get out to support that person.

Do not sit on your hands and not vote as many of you did, causing both McCain and Mittens to lose to one who has been far worse, one who set out and has come closer than any other to destroying all we and our ancestors have built. Do not be guilty of contributing to the final destruction of Personal Freedom and Opportunity. If you stay home, you will get Hillary the President, not Hillary in Prison. You will certainly be responsible for at least 4, and probably 8 more years of the the growth of socialism and communism in our Country. You will certainly be responsible for the death and destruction of our Constitution and the Amendments added to protect your freedom from intrusion by your own Government.

Do not be the one who will say: “They won because I stayed home”



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