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chrischristie_0Fort Lee, N.J. police said they will begin issuing $85 jaywalking tickets to pedestrians who are caught texting while walking. Thomas Ripoli, chief of the Fort Lee Police Department. said he hopes his crackdown on people who display dangerous behavior while walking will make his town safer, but not everyone likes the idea of issuing $85 tickets. Seems to me a better recourse would be to make it illegal for pedestrians to run into moving vehicles. Democraps all over the country have taken notice and hope to get this going in their jurisdictions. Next on the agenda, Ft. Lee discussing the hazards of chewing gum while walking?

I guess I just have a problem with laws explicitly designed for the incredibly stupid. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot cheaper and easier to just neuter them and send them to some random socialist society in Europe? Then, if they participate in the Obama Illegal Alien Invasion,  at least we won’t have to support the off-spring.

Mittens Rises From the Dead

Mittens Rises From the Dead *

On another subject: I heard Mitt Romney say something about Deranged, Immoral, and maybe Illegitimate. I could have sworn he was talking about himself. Rumor has it he and Erick Erickson are having secret meetings to plot the overthrow of all free-thinking American Citizens. Look for them to announce the formation of the Repukelocratic party, aka #DumpTrump, a unified coalition of the Grafters, Grifters, Cheaters, and Chiselers. Featured leaders Mittens, Hillary, Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid. (Hillary will be in charge of the Bureau of Civilian Enlightenment. She will also have a new magazine called the Daily Liar.) In the meantime, Mittens is out to kill any chance of winning Ted Cruz may have, by claiming he will “Vote Cruz” seems to be aimed at exposing racism and prejudice currently running rampant on the libturd controlled college campuses. I was going to quote something from them, but think you really need to follow the link and spend a little time there. Might even be worthwhile tossing a small donation their way?

Ty O'Really

Ty O’Really

Ty O’Really Update: Kansas: The state House of Representatives voted 81-41-3 Wednesday in favor of SB 175, which had already passed in the Senate last year by an even larger margin and now heads to Gov. Sam Brownback’s desk for his signature. If signed into law, the measure would prohibit public colleges and universities from taking punitive action against religious student organizations that impose membership requirements related to their stated beliefs, specifically authorizing such groups to require that members adhere to and comply with the association’s sincerely held religious beliefs, including any related standards of conduct.

Sounds like freedom of religion as promoted by our Constitution, not freedom from religion, as espoused by LBGT, atheists, etc. Let the screaming begin.

Hey, Arizona, take off the Rose Colored Glasses, get out and Vote!

Watch out for the Romney-zombies, they have an

Antikythera Mechanism


**Antikythera Mechanism? google it.

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