Fictional President

HelmandPOTUS the impotent has struck another blow for the bad guys. You may have seen notice that the Army is preparing to send an Infantry Battalion to Helmand Province in Afghanistan. A battalion is 500 troops. Helmand is roughly the same size as West Virgina. With all the restrictions placed on them, it is roughly the same as sending 500 rent-a-cops to defend West Virgina.*

And you wonder why the world is laughing at us.

In other news, in the last 20 or 30 years, IRS has had untold billions of dollars to “update” their computer systems and are whining today in Congress crying for more money because they have your data on systems built in the 70’s. Of course they are still using server software built in the 70’s. Most is called Cobalt programming, built to run huge relational databases housed on huge servers. This is not uncommon, Cobalt programs drive a lot of business applications because it works flawlessly. It adds, subtracts and locates just as fast as the server it is running on. Most Cobalt programs around have only ever had to be updated to handle what was called theĀ  Y-2K crises that never happened because the software had to learn how to read a year as 4 digits instead of 2 (so it could tell the difference between 1915 and 2015) The main expense is just putting a pretty Microsoft Windows interface so the clerks can see it on their desktop computers.

So far, congress has called out IRS for what they are: unethical empire builders lying to everyone while working hard to steal all your money while stifling any free speech not connected to the Democrats and libturd socialists.

Tired of all this? Well, your chance is coming, 1st at a Republican Primary near you, then when you get the great slate, the 2nd Tuesday in November is drawing ever closer. Get registered. Vote in the Primary, Vote in the general elections. Don’t stay home because you might have liked someone else better.

Stay home. Don’t vote. See Bernie Sanders or Hillary win. See your country go to Hell faster than a greased pig on a slide.


*Read more at The American Legion’s Burn Pit

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