Campaign notes

Today, what with it being Primary Day in New Hampshire, Ty O’Really and I had little to watch, except for the normal bunch of Faux News Bunnies postulating on who might win, as though the world is coming to an end and all the election problems will be solved, just as soon as the Polls close.

So, in keeping with the fine tradition, we tourhillarybsed our neighborhood, just to see what was going on. One of the first things we noted was the strong support for Hillary Clinton. Just about everywhere we looked, there was a Hillary bumper sticker or yard sign.

We also found a high level of support for Bernie Sanders also, who some of you might recognize as “the Other” left-winger running for somebernie2 kind of office. It must not be President, because the only thing Ty¬† or I batshithave seen him support is taking all the money in the world and keeping it for the Government. There does seem to be some mixed emotions, though. Maybe some are just not too happy with him?


trumpkittyWe found one “cool Cat” out there, doing his part to disrupt the entire system. He seems really set on just pissing off everyone, no matter they be a Bernie Socialite [sic] or Cruz Evangelical. There seems to be a whole lot of support, although when asked just how he plans to get all dogs to pay for his wall, his plan seemed to be some kind of do-it-yourself diagrams from Houze Magazine. When asked how he would get the dogs to pay for it? Meeoooow, purrrr, purrrr was all we heard. Maybe not just what we would expect from a Presidential Candidate, but, what can you expect from such a handsome kitty?

This last one made me almost want to vote for Hillary! I am not quite sure what category this one belongs in. Is it love, hate, or just a prognostication?


Just keep in mind, if you vote for the guy/gal in office now, you ARE part of the problem.

Although the Supreme Court turned down O’Bamas global-warming Green tax today, we think we can still do our own green thing.

gogreennotageek, Ty O’Really and Fred Water

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