Bullshit Flowing Uphill

I got to listen to several people speak last night who normally are not allowed on my TV.

Hillary walks on Koolaid. She claims to want to raise wages, but is primarily supported by people whose income is $230K and up. And, also, probably a whole bunch of people whose only job skill is “waitin’ in the welfare line.” Any Dumbocrats in between, namely some blue collar workers and students, overwhelmingly support Bernie Sanders.

Please take a number. Any day now.

Please take a number. Any day now.

Then along comes Bernie, spraying Tank Cars full of Koolaid all over the audience…. FDR promised a Chicken in Every Pot. Bernie promises “Free Lunch and everything esle, compliments of your 401K.” But that’s okay, because after he gets done taxing every thing that moves or breathes, you won’t need it anyway. Lest you think you should vote for him just remember that the first sign you see in ANY government office is —————————————>>>>

Kasich claimed he received a mandate from the voters, as after spending a millennium or so in NH walking from door to door, kind of like a vacuum cleaner salesman with a Hoover strapped to his back, he managed to get almost 16% of the primary vote. Guess I would sum that up as a campaign that sucks. :-0

JEB! Bush (Ty O’Really is so excited, JEB! finally has a last name) also got a mandate for coming in 4th. I have been to many a horse race over the years, and have yet to be paid lower than Win, Place or Show. Guess in years past, I missed the New Hampster Derby? What, exactly, Dear Reader, (YOU, not POTUS) kind of a mandate did he get? Maybe he just gets to keep all the money in his Campaign Fund and retire? More likely, though, he probably means he can stay in and bore us to death with his stoop-shouldered and whiny ads.

Some people I normally like to hear more from:

Cruz proved that there really is room for a staunch Evangelical conservative in probably one of the most RINO states in the good ol’ USA. This third place, just a little higher than Whino JEB!, and beating out the other Establishmentarians Rubio and Christi is a really big deal. There is hope for our country after all, assuming we don’t stay home and let the Zombies elect “Free Stuff” Bernie or “Prison Bound” Hillary.

 Trump gave a short speech, basically giving credit and thanking all for their help in his overwhelming victory. Nothing solid in his speech, other than We Will Win and You Will Love It. Shirley and I are on opposite sides of the fence here. She thinks he is an Egotistical Maniac. I prefer to think he likes playing it close to the vest.

So, now that New Hampshire is behind us, we can focus on 2 primaries in states that are so screwed up, they can’t even have Dumbocrats and RINOS vote on the same day.

And, all you Libturds out there, even Micky D does not have a “Free Lunch.” But then, on the other hand, unlike the Welfare Line, you get quick service and almost no waiting.


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