Vote’em Out

I am not a great fan of repetition, but occasionally something comes across my desk that really, really is upsetting.

George-Washingtonketchup kerryThis weekend, the 0bama zombies participated in another sell-out of the American People, and sent yet another message to the world that if you are an Iranian war monger, all you have to do is stick your middle finger up, and Secretary of State Ketchup Kerry will stand tall and take his medicine like the shit-head traitor his is. First off, he thanked Iran for their “cooperation” in releasing our soldiers, but only after Iran managed to spread illegal video of our soldiers being humiliated, and forced to offer an apology for having boat trouble in international waters. Now, 1st thing Saturday morning we hear that 4 political prisoners are finally to be released by Iran. Unconfirmed rumors were that we did a swap. Now it is confirmed – – Potus Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey and Jane Fonda Hairy Kerry traded SIX — yes, count ’em 6 — whoops, the number keeps changing:

One U.S. source tells NPR’s Carrie Johnson that seven Iranians will be pardoned or win commuted sentences as part of the swap. U.S. officials also say charges will be dismissed against 14 Iranian fugitives. NPR, Updated January 16, 2016 2:38 PM ET

So now we are up to 21 terrorist criminal creeps we will release from our prisons. Well, I guess on the plus side, it will save us probably $150,000 per year each in prison upkeep charges, plus any “free” legal aide they could get. But, really, we have lbokoet Congress get way for so long cooperating with POTUS Wonky Nutter and his Moose-Limb office staff, there really is no time left to even begin Impeachment Proceedings, which a HUGE number of Citizens truly believe is the best course of action to get rid of the Traitor in the White House. Actually, we should skip the Impeachment, and just try him for Treason, with the same swift punishment President Franklin D (a chicken in every pot) Roosevelt passed out to traitors during WWII. Even though he sent Patton against our WWI Veterans who just wanted some promised relief during the Great Depression, we have to give him something for quickly dealing with spies and traitors.

So now, dear Reader, what action will YOU take to help us take back our government, and maybe, just maybe, get some people in the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives who will stand up for the American People, defend our Country, all while not cowing and bowing to our sworn enemies?

Let’s start in our own back yard. You, I and even Ty O’Really have a Congress person looking to be reelected. Don’t even let them get through the primaries. Find that candidate that, like Ted Cruz or that business person like Donald Trump, Carlie Fiorina, or Ben Carson that will NOT give in to the establishment. The one that almost certainly will be black-balled by the GOP or Democraps as a non-player. That will be the one we need to send to Washington. If we each do that, gone are over 400 crappy congressmen and 33 shitty senators. And an Arrogant, Lying, Cheating and probably a soon-to-be Federal Prison Inmate will lose the chance to have Bill Clinton chasing the White House interns again.

I know I am ranting. But…

The alternative will be a) a Socialist or Communist USA or b) armed insurrection to throw all the bastards out and start over.

Which do you want?






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