Redstate and Rubio

Today, after watching the current crop of political commercials, and then being attracted to a RedState Morning Briefing accusing  Sarah Palin of endorsing Sarah Palin, I just had to stop, pause and look at the current “in the know” conservative movements.

1st, Rubio. For 2 days now I have seen political advertising that is obviously his Campaign running the ads, since he is talking and approves of the ads. Here is the problem: He is running against Obama. His ads never mention Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Not even JEB!, just Obama. Has he missed so many Senate votes he lost track of time and thinks it is 2012 all over again? Has he not heard that Obama is not running for a third term? Perhaps he is just reminding everyone why Senators make terrible Presidents. After all, they have had a job that requires nothing from them, including showing up for work, to get paid. They do not have to attend their important legislative groups, and, in fact, need not be present for any vote, no matter how important to their constituents. And, when asked why, just claim “What do you expect? I’m running for President”

I liked Rubio and what he stood for. I am beginning to have serious doubts, as he is looking more and more like the offspring of a JEB!-Obama mating, rapidly becoming a RINO Do-Nothing.

Now, that said, lets move on to the RedState Palin article.

Sarah Palin Expected to Continue Endorsing Sarah Palin Today

I had thought that once Erick Erickson left, they would come back to a more Tea Party centered organization. Maybe supporting some of those who lead the Tea Party, and those who are well respected within conservative circles. However, it seems that everytime I look at one their commentators, all I hear is a shrill whining sound, kind of like you get from last year’s liberals. For example, just today, the lead commentary by Leon H. Wolf states that “Liberals have long claimed that this was true ( many of the leading figures in the conservative movement were only in it for the money and/or the attention) about people like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and a long list of others, especially including Sarah Palin.”

And then, he turns right around and whines “But the 2016 field was loaded with genuine conservative stars, and the speed with which they were abandoned by almost every major conservative personality who earns their money directly from either ratings or book sales was dizzying and depressing. Limbaugh, in particular, has been a depressing listen for the last year for me and a whole host of other people who have been listening to him for over two decades – my only hope is that he has some as-yet-unplayed ace up his sleeve.”

And then goes on to praise Glen Beck, who has literally thrown the Tea Party and Conservatives under the bus (see my blog Get Out and Stay Out and comments on Glenn Beck, or see Wild Bill for America The Glenn Beck Betrayal.)

RedState, you have gone from just merely irrelevant to obnoxious whiny SPAM. And, as if to verify that, I see you have chosen DENVER, COLORADO, a nice “conservative” location, full of druggies and liberal toad-lickers*, to host your “2016 RedState Gathering” At least, up there whatever you’al are smoking will be legal.

One last thing, if you are planning on voting for your incumbent Representative or Senator, YOU are a big part of the problem.gogreen


*Albert Most, founder of the Church of the Toad of Light and a proponent of recreational use of Bufo alvarius poison, published a booklet titled Bufo alvarius: The Psychedelic Toad of the Sonoran Desert in 1983 which explained how to extract and smoke the secretions.[3]

See also: Thomas Dolby – The Toad Lickers

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