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Super prognosticator Ty O’Really sent his up-and-coming protege on a tour of recent cat shows to gather notes on the upcoming elections. Now that we are getting close to the Iowa caucus, Ty has been busy running to and fro in the house, and having secret meetings in the middle of the night. Then, today, a note carefully slipped under my office door while “Kitty Mom” and I were out buying what else but More Cat Food. Ty has determined that Pillory Clinton, free for the time being, will not make it past the Iowa Caucus, getting beat by Socialist Bernie Sanders. In fact, he claims that some time before the Democratic Convention, we will see the nomination of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. She has been rumored to be running as a Native American Indian Princess. Ty insists she is qualified to do so as he heard her referred to as an “Indian Giver.” (If you are under 40, you will probably have to look that one up 🙂 After Iowa, New Hampshire and maybe South Carolina and Nevada, Pillary will either have to drop out or go to jail. The Dimocrats are rumored scurrying around Washington, ringing their hands, and J. Biden is lamenting the fact he chose not to run. And, of course, they do need a woman on the ticket, and who else has not be totally discredited?

Kathleen Sebelius?

Janet Napolitano?

Claire McCaskill?

So, mark your calendars and remember you heard it here first.

In other news, I have a new title to add to the Homophobe, racist, bigot, sexist pig previously conferred on me by the Dumbocrats. According to Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus aka Prince Riebus and the establishment GOP, I am now a NEANDERTHAL in that I do not believe the only way Republicans can win an election is to go middle of the road, with an establishment RINO candidate like JEB! (Ty still thinks he needs a last name) and kiss the ass of the libturd socialist democrats. I DO still support the Tea Party, I DO still believe in our Constitution. I DO still believe we are the greatest country ever.

So, how do you qualify a candidate? Start with “Do you have the support of the (GOP) (Democratic) party? If they say “yes”, find someone else to vote for.

More questions later.


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