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Stupid remarks of the day?

Chicken owners should practice biosecurity

Pudgy squirrels are man-made phenomenon

Obama looks to Clinton with final State of the Union
Glenn Beck “doesn’t understand the Donald Trump thing.”

If you ever watch Wild Bill for America on YouTube, you saw this –> The Glenn Beck Betrayal

If not, I can only encourage you to watch it. I know we have loyal Beck-tistas reading my blogs, but I can only caution you that, IMO, he is really only out for Beck, and will turn his back on just about anyone who does not agree with him, or at least send him money for his internet show.

cruz2I heard Ted Cruz on Megan Kelly’s show talking to the Frank Luntz focus group that evaluated the Thursday night debate. This is one of the rare opportunities I have had to watch Cruz in a one-on-one with the group. He was asked to tell the group more about himself, but instead used the opportunity to  answer questions from the group. Like Trump, he has no problem handling questions because he speaks the truth. It is no wonder Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus aka Prince Riebus and the establishment GOP don’t like him. He is another one of that rare breed that stands for America and can’t be bought! How refreshing after years of voting in GOP-supported candidates, whose only goal is to sell out the American Public, creating One Nation under Government, by the Government, for the Government.

From what I can see, we have 4 good candidates for President: Trump, Cruz, maybe Rubio as a VP, and Christie. Unfortunately for our Country, Ben Carson will lose out.


bye-bye boys

Ty O’Really has a visual “goodbye” message for JEB!, Kasich and Santorum:








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