Hi, Organic Shoppers

Food_Stamp_PresidentYour POTUS wants you to eat healthy. He feels everyone should have Organic Food and Produce in their diets. Just so you know where his heart is, here are some interesting stats for the past 3 years.

Reasons? Salmonella, Listeria, Escherichia coli (also called E. coli)

  • Trader Joe Recalls for 2015 261,000 results
  • Trader Joe Recalls for 2014 3,080,000 results
  • Trader Joe Recalls for 2013 2,610,000 results
  • Whole Foods Recalls 2015 1,490,000 results
  • Whole Foods Recalls 2014 1,240,000 results
  • Whole Foods Recalls 2013 950,000 results
  • Central Market (HEB) 2015 17,900,000 results
  • Central Market (HEB) 2014 149,000,000 results
  • Central Market (HEB) 2013 39,900,000 results

Common food-borne diseases

Infections caused by bacteria, parasites or viruses in food or drinking water include:

Illnesses caused by toxins in the foods we eat include:

Chipotle To Give Employees Paid Sick Leave So They Don’t Make Customers Ill
Rats Carry Antibiotic Resistant Strains Of Salmonella, E.Coli Bacteria

Happy shopping, and don’t forget the Maalox


Redstate and Rubio

Today, after watching the current crop of political commercials, and then being attracted to a RedState Morning Briefing accusing  Sarah Palin of endorsing Sarah Palin, I just had to stop, pause and look at the current “in the know” conservative movements.

1st, Rubio. For 2 days now I have seen political advertising that is obviously his Campaign running the ads, since he is talking and approves of the ads. Here is the problem: He is running against Obama. His ads never mention Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. Not even JEB!, just Obama. Has he missed so many Senate votes he lost track of time and thinks it is 2012 all over again? Has he not heard that Obama is not running for a third term? Perhaps he is just reminding everyone why Senators make terrible Presidents. After all, they have had a job that requires nothing from them, including showing up for work, to get paid. They do not have to attend their important legislative groups, and, in fact, need not be present for any vote, no matter how important to their constituents. And, when asked why, just claim “What do you expect? I’m running for President”

I liked Rubio and what he stood for. I am beginning to have serious doubts, as he is looking more and more like the offspring of a JEB!-Obama mating, rapidly becoming a RINO Do-Nothing.

Now, that said, lets move on to the RedState Palin article.

Sarah Palin Expected to Continue Endorsing Sarah Palin Today

I had thought that once Erick Erickson left, they would come back to a more Tea Party centered organization. Maybe supporting some of those who lead the Tea Party, and those who are well respected within conservative circles. However, it seems that everytime I look at one their commentators, all I hear is a shrill whining sound, kind of like you get from last year’s liberals. For example, just today, the lead commentary by Leon H. Wolf states that “Liberals have long claimed that this was true ( many of the leading figures in the conservative movement were only in it for the money and/or the attention) about people like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and a long list of others, especially including Sarah Palin.”

And then, he turns right around and whines “But the 2016 field was loaded with genuine conservative stars, and the speed with which they were abandoned by almost every major conservative personality who earns their money directly from either ratings or book sales was dizzying and depressing. Limbaugh, in particular, has been a depressing listen for the last year for me and a whole host of other people who have been listening to him for over two decades – my only hope is that he has some as-yet-unplayed ace up his sleeve.”

And then goes on to praise Glen Beck, who has literally thrown the Tea Party and Conservatives under the bus (see my blog Get Out and Stay Out and comments on Glenn Beck, or see Wild Bill for America The Glenn Beck Betrayal.)

RedState, you have gone from just merely irrelevant to obnoxious whiny SPAM. And, as if to verify that, I see you have chosen DENVER, COLORADO, a nice “conservative” location, full of druggies and liberal toad-lickers*, to host your “2016 RedState Gathering” At least, up there whatever you’al are smoking will be legal.

One last thing, if you are planning on voting for your incumbent Representative or Senator, YOU are a big part of the problem.gogreen


*Albert Most, founder of the Church of the Toad of Light and a proponent of recreational use of Bufo alvarius poison, published a booklet titled Bufo alvarius: The Psychedelic Toad of the Sonoran Desert in 1983 which explained how to extract and smoke the secretions.[3]

See also: Thomas Dolby – The Toad Lickers


Ty O'Really

Ty O’Really


a note from Ty

Super prognosticator Ty O’Really sent his up-and-coming protege on a tour of recent cat shows to gather notes on the upcoming elections. Now that we are getting close to the Iowa caucus, Ty has been busy running to and fro in the house, and having secret meetings in the middle of the night. Then, today, a note carefully slipped under my office door while “Kitty Mom” and I were out buying what else but More Cat Food. Ty has determined that Pillory Clinton, free for the time being, will not make it past the Iowa Caucus, getting beat by Socialist Bernie Sanders. In fact, he claims that some time before the Democratic Convention, we will see the nomination of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. She has been rumored to be running as a Native American Indian Princess. Ty insists she is qualified to do so as he heard her referred to as an “Indian Giver.” (If you are under 40, you will probably have to look that one up 🙂 After Iowa, New Hampshire and maybe South Carolina and Nevada, Pillary will either have to drop out or go to jail. The Dimocrats are rumored scurrying around Washington, ringing their hands, and J. Biden is lamenting the fact he chose not to run. And, of course, they do need a woman on the ticket, and who else has not be totally discredited?

Kathleen Sebelius?

Janet Napolitano?

Claire McCaskill?

So, mark your calendars and remember you heard it here first.

In other news, I have a new title to add to the Homophobe, racist, bigot, sexist pig previously conferred on me by the Dumbocrats. According to Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus aka Prince Riebus and the establishment GOP, I am now a NEANDERTHAL in that I do not believe the only way Republicans can win an election is to go middle of the road, with an establishment RINO candidate like JEB! (Ty still thinks he needs a last name) and kiss the ass of the libturd socialist democrats. I DO still support the Tea Party, I DO still believe in our Constitution. I DO still believe we are the greatest country ever.

So, how do you qualify a candidate? Start with “Do you have the support of the (GOP) (Democratic) party? If they say “yes”, find someone else to vote for.

More questions later.


Vote’em Out

I am not a great fan of repetition, but occasionally something comes across my desk that really, really is upsetting.

George-Washingtonketchup kerryThis weekend, the 0bama zombies participated in another sell-out of the American People, and sent yet another message to the world that if you are an Iranian war monger, all you have to do is stick your middle finger up, and Secretary of State Ketchup Kerry will stand tall and take his medicine like the shit-head traitor his is. First off, he thanked Iran for their “cooperation” in releasing our soldiers, but only after Iran managed to spread illegal video of our soldiers being humiliated, and forced to offer an apology for having boat trouble in international waters. Now, 1st thing Saturday morning we hear that 4 political prisoners are finally to be released by Iran. Unconfirmed rumors were that we did a swap. Now it is confirmed – – Potus Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey and Jane Fonda Hairy Kerry traded SIX — yes, count ’em 6 — whoops, the number keeps changing:

One U.S. source tells NPR’s Carrie Johnson that seven Iranians will be pardoned or win commuted sentences as part of the swap. U.S. officials also say charges will be dismissed against 14 Iranian fugitives. NPR, Updated January 16, 2016 2:38 PM ET

So now we are up to 21 terrorist criminal creeps we will release from our prisons. Well, I guess on the plus side, it will save us probably $150,000 per year each in prison upkeep charges, plus any “free” legal aide they could get. But, really, we have lbokoet Congress get way for so long cooperating with POTUS Wonky Nutter and his Moose-Limb office staff, there really is no time left to even begin Impeachment Proceedings, which a HUGE number of Citizens truly believe is the best course of action to get rid of the Traitor in the White House. Actually, we should skip the Impeachment, and just try him for Treason, with the same swift punishment President Franklin D (a chicken in every pot) Roosevelt passed out to traitors during WWII. Even though he sent Patton against our WWI Veterans who just wanted some promised relief during the Great Depression, we have to give him something for quickly dealing with spies and traitors.

So now, dear Reader, what action will YOU take to help us take back our government, and maybe, just maybe, get some people in the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives who will stand up for the American People, defend our Country, all while not cowing and bowing to our sworn enemies?

Let’s start in our own back yard. You, I and even Ty O’Really have a Congress person looking to be reelected. Don’t even let them get through the primaries. Find that candidate that, like Ted Cruz or that business person like Donald Trump, Carlie Fiorina, or Ben Carson that will NOT give in to the establishment. The one that almost certainly will be black-balled by the GOP or Democraps as a non-player. That will be the one we need to send to Washington. If we each do that, gone are over 400 crappy congressmen and 33 shitty senators. And an Arrogant, Lying, Cheating and probably a soon-to-be Federal Prison Inmate will lose the chance to have Bill Clinton chasing the White House interns again.

I know I am ranting. But…

The alternative will be a) a Socialist or Communist USA or b) armed insurrection to throw all the bastards out and start over.

Which do you want?






Get Out and Stay Out

Stupid remarks of the day?

Chicken owners should practice biosecurity

Pudgy squirrels are man-made phenomenon

Obama looks to Clinton with final State of the Union
Glenn Beck “doesn’t understand the Donald Trump thing.”

If you ever watch Wild Bill for America on YouTube, you saw this –> The Glenn Beck Betrayal

If not, I can only encourage you to watch it. I know we have loyal Beck-tistas reading my blogs, but I can only caution you that, IMO, he is really only out for Beck, and will turn his back on just about anyone who does not agree with him, or at least send him money for his internet show.

cruz2I heard Ted Cruz on Megan Kelly’s show talking to the Frank Luntz focus group that evaluated the Thursday night debate. This is one of the rare opportunities I have had to watch Cruz in a one-on-one with the group. He was asked to tell the group more about himself, but instead used the opportunity to  answer questions from the group. Like Trump, he has no problem handling questions because he speaks the truth. It is no wonder Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus aka Prince Riebus and the establishment GOP don’t like him. He is another one of that rare breed that stands for America and can’t be bought! How refreshing after years of voting in GOP-supported candidates, whose only goal is to sell out the American Public, creating One Nation under Government, by the Government, for the Government.

From what I can see, we have 4 good candidates for President: Trump, Cruz, maybe Rubio as a VP, and Christie. Unfortunately for our Country, Ben Carson will lose out.


bye-bye boys

Ty O’Really has a visual “goodbye” message for JEB!, Kasich and Santorum:








I shoulda stood in bed

Welllllllll the New Year is off to a great start, and Ty O’Really and I are here to bring you the best of the News of 2016!

Dems do it right: Democrat Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Police Chief Cathy Lanier held a joint press conference Wednesday to tout a task force they’re creating to combat robberies when an NBC News crew’s car was broken into and had equipment stolen, ABC 7 reported

Ty, ever alert with nose to the wind: Feces-slinging suspect threatens to kill judge at arraignment

and, not to be out-done,  I read about a guy in Oklahoma getting arrested for having sex with a goat. It appears he is a “serial goat f….. “(molester)

Welcome to an Election Year, a year in which almost everyone, breathing or not, will be encouraged to get out and vote. Really gives me confidence that the best candidate will get elected. I know that you, dear reader, after reading the above headlines, feel the same.

In more serious news, Leader Lapdog Ryan sent a bill for Obama to veto. He was quoted as saying, “No, we can’t override the Veto, but we are forcing POTUS to make a hard choice.” Yeah, right, Just like I will have a “hard choice” encouraging your voters to send you back to the barn, Mr. Speaker! All this is just Bark and Bluster to look like we are doing something in an election year. Leave the [stupid] voters with a warm feeling, and they will reelect the same do-nothings we have now.

I hope I am not the only person who has just had enough of the same old same-old. It really is time to turn out the career politicians in favor of some people with common sense, people who realize that the Government is here to serve the public, not the other way around.

Just in, HOT!

Alligator eats burglary suspect hiding in pond. BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. (WPEC) – Authorities say a burglary suspect was killed by an 11-foot alligator while hiding from authorities in a Florida pond.

Hillary Rotten Clinton Daily Update: (Thanks, Dick Morris, you may not be totally irrelevant after all)

In a Feb. 1, 2013, email — the last days of Clinton’s tenure at State — close friend and special adviser to the secretary Elizabeth Bagley gushed to Cheryl Mills, “I am committed to having her return to the State Department next year for the dedication of the glass pavilion, which will bear her name!” Apparently unaware of the perils of building a glass house while throwing stones, Bagley successfully solicited funds from at least 14 corporations, almost all of which had lobbied the State Department on issues near to their hearts. Four oppressive Middle East governments — the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Brunei — all with close ties to the Clinton Foundation and important issues before State, also contributed. For the balance of the funds, Bagley relied on the usual coterie of corporations that regularly support Clinton’s favored causes. The largest gifts of $2.5 million or more came from four companies: FedEx, Boeing, PepsiCo and Intel. All four also contributed to the Clinton Foundation. Recently released schedules indicated that Clinton personally met with the CEOs of FedEx, Pepsi and Boeing.

All this shit in one day, and you want a serious, sober blog from me? Okay, here ya go…

  1. hillaryJan6notageek

Happy New Year

The Question:

Barack Obama Caught Spying on Israel and Congress – Why Don’t Liberals Care?

The REAL Question is:

Barack Obama Caught Spying on Israel and Congress – Why Don’t Republicans Care?

The hubris of the Establishment GOP is just fucking unbelievable. They tell us Trump is a clown.  They tell us Cruz is not a “team player” but the whiny tiny JEB! is fine.

Well said by a bunch of no-balls grafters lead by Sell-Out Ryan. Here we have an easy and truly impeachable offense committed by the slime in the White House. And what do we do?

  1. Well, give him 1.5 TRILLION $$$ of more debt to begin with.
  2. Let him NOT export illegal aliens, in fact, give him “relocation” money to move them around the US and hide them from public view.
  3. Finance and support Sanctuary Cities.
  4. Not even begin to object about his loudly proclaimed plan to ignore the 2nd Amendment and rewrite gun laws with Executive Impunity.
  5. Let him give BILLIONS of $$$ to Iran.

These are just the opening salvo of my blogs for this year. As they say in Texas, “Hold my beer and Watch This!”

here are 63 pages of Federal Grant Money to the Muslim Brotherhood (word doc)