Terror Tactics for Conservatives

maamHave you ever noticed that every time you try to talk sense and truth to a libturd, they scream, holler and probably call you a racist/bigot/homophobe?

Ty suggested that when they yell about gun control, libturd topic of the day, shout something back like “You are a racist, and obviously a bigot, trying to take guns away from your Moose Limb brothers! How else can they defend themselves from Christian morality?” I mean, really, what do the Dimocrats want us to do? Force all the non-violent. peaceful ISIS-deluded Moose Limbs to have nothing but pipe bombs, pressure cooker bombs or just suicide vests?

Maybe we could set up Moose-Limb-only zones so they will know just where they can shoot, bomb and explode

In other news today, I noted France closed down 3 mosques. Some self-claimed defense consultants declared that basically, we probably would be more likely to close down Catholic churches here before ever touching a mosque. Once again, rather than listening to this crap, we should shout and scream about Hate Speech and how they should be made to stand in Free Speech Zones where unkind words shall forever be forbidden.

We already have Executive action from POTUSĀ  Wonky Nutter to take away tanks and armored vehicles, and maybe anti-aircraft missiles, from our domestic police. Next thing you know, they will outlaw locks on our closet doors.

The POTUS Impotent Traitorous will be speaking tonight. I know it will degrade to Keep Guns Away from Law Abiding Citizens, and Send More Foreigners our way.

We kind of went a-stray from the title, but had fun anyway.Englishnotageek

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