Hey, folks, let us understand one huge issue that The Factor and all the billions of other commentators, pundits, bloggers and assorted opinion-gators just don’t seem to understand. POTUS 0bama the Impotent Pantie Waist Surrender Monkey is NOT and WILL NOT BE running for reelection. Thankfully, the 22nd amendment precludes a 3rd term for Mr. Wonky Nutter. This limitation will prevent him from “letting” Queen Pillary run for one term, then he returns for more. Come January, 2017, he will join the ranks of such famous persons as Jimmy “Peanut King” Carter, James Buchanan and Warren G. Harding as “worst Presidents ever elected.”

focusSo, what should we be focused on? How about getting a Republican President, and replacing virtually every Congressman and Senator up for reelection in 2016? While at it, how about throwing out as many Democratic and Liberal state representatives, state senators, judges, sheriffs, nincompoops and even Dog Catchers? Clean the slate of as many Career Politicians as you can find. Stay focused on this. Do not let Libturds or even conservative commentators tell you how the POTUS Nincompoopus is fixing, wrecking, building or destroying our great country. Instead focus on containment and replacement.

While we all agree that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are career politicians, and, along with being libturds, should be avoided at all cost, (step on toes here) how about on the Republican side?

  1. Gov. Jeb Bush is darling of the entrenched leadership of the GOP. Therefore, we can assume he is a career politician and should be avoided.
  2. Sen. Lindsay Graham has 2 strikes, first, Career politician, and even worse, everyone knows Senators make terrible presidents. Just look at LBJ, lest you be in doubt.
  3. Mike Huckabee. Nice guys finish last. A proven loser from 2 elections ago.
  4. Rick Santorum lost his bid for reelection as Senator by a wider margin than ANY incumbent Republican Senator ever! Also proved he could not win even 5th place in presidential primaries. Another proven loser.
  5. Gov. John Kasich has blown his own small-timeĀ  tin horn so loud and long, no one pays any attention to him. Even though a Guvner, still a loser. Look at current rank if you doubt.
  6. Sen. Rand Paul is a Libertarian in disguise. No more a Republican than his dad, Ron Paul, who was the Libertarian Party Candidate for President in 1988 (betcha didn’t know that!)

Enough for one day. But based on the above, you probably know how I feel about SENATORS Cruz and Rubio. Any odds?

Ty O’Realy is the modeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERArator in this event. If you disagree, try googling his address. If you find it, let me know as I have been looking for him since he dumped my breakfast on the floor for his own consumption. He did leave a note, though.

25% of the Democrats in this country are on medication for mental illness.
That’s scary. It means 75% are running around untreated and possibly armed




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