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Some days, we just can’t help but deal with all the unpleasant goings on with the Dumbocrats, and Republitards in our Distrito Federal.

iamthedreamPOTUS Horriblus is scheduled to announce today that he will go around congress and try to pry your guns from your cold, dead hands.

Immediately after that, he and the Big-Butted Bride will leave for their annual looting of the Federal Treasury in Hawaii, with maybe a quick stop to console the survivors of “recent gun violence” in San Bernardino that can only be controlled by further regulating responsible gun owners.  His stopping will probably incur the necessity of additional planes as to not inconvenience The Bride or their dog.

Our new Speaker of the House, in true Republitard fashion, has refused to push for defunding of Planned “Dead Baby Parts Warehouse” Parenthood.

The Republitard House and Senate have concurred on continued funding of “Sanctuary Cities”, who are in willful violation of multiple state and federal laws.

The King of the House, Paul Ryan, has colluded with POTUS Tratorus in violation of Federal Law by funding resettlement of “undocumented boarder crossers” (this term violates all synonym and spell checker rules. If it violates yours, too, just substitute ILLEGAL F…..G ALIENS”)

Republitards also agreed that Snowbama needs money to bring in 10,000 or so more terrorists from Syria and other compassionately savage-based countries to join the 9500 known terrorists with revoked visas that are roaming the hi-ways and bi-ways of our Country, never to be found by ICE or Homeland Security.

The bill is so long with ‘Bama Goodies, you will need to google for the full list.

I know - I know, just couldn't help myself!

I know – I know, just couldn’t help myself!

On the Dumbocrat side, I heard the Donkey-assed head of the Party has denied Bernie Sanders access to the Libturd Mail List, supposedly because one of his junior helpers hacked Pillary Clinton’s email server. (Imagine that! Hope that person didn’t get any left over Top Secret Emails.)

Note to disgruntled readers: If you do not like my post, do not send email to that effect as all attempts to support, deny, refute or confirm my comments have been blocked as a security precaution to protect your identity from being discovered by Bernie Sanders or Lindsay Graham.


mitchmc“So” you ask, “What’s the point?” Well… We are on the eve of an Election Year and once again have an opportunity to change ownership of the White House to a Trump, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina or other non-Democrat and non-traditional Republican. Even more important, we have the opportunity to FIRE, NOT REELECT almost every member of the house and 1/3 of the Senate.

If you love our Country, you need to do this, especially with your own representative and senator.


a note from Ty O’Really: “George Washington is the only president who didn’t blame the previous administration for his troubles.

notageek (Ty O’Really is off to places unknown until after Christmas)


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