DOD, Protect Me Not

DOD used to mean Department of Defense. According to new regulations outlined for our Armed Forces, they may need to change the name to Department of DoNothing.

Just in time for your Christmas Dinner conversations, the Army wants to continue down the road of POTUS-Moose Limb mutual admiration society.

According to :The revisions to the deadly force section state that personnel will not be permitted to perform law enforcement or security duties requiring the use of weapons until they have received instruction on applicable regulations for the use of deadly force.

There is no need to proceed sequentially to increase force to resolve a situation or threat. Suggested methods of de-escalation of force to try are:

Verbal persuasion. Unarmed defense techniques.


Unarmed defense techniques?

This, dear Reader, is a proposal by the US Army. It is obviously inspired by Kiss-0bam-Ass Generals The link is open for comment until Feb. 9, 2016. Let them know there might just be a better way to handle Moose-Limb Jihad Terrorists. Some how, I tend to doubt that Valentines and Candy will win the day when the bad guys are coming with AK’ s a-blazin. The photo may not be nice, but an orange jumper and blinders is all your going to get with these New, Improved tactics.

And, remember, you too could be a POTUS, spending your “Winter Festival” in Hawaii looting the Federal Treasury.

A final thought as we go into Christmas week: Please keep in mind it is not only Libturd Dumbo-Crats who have permitted this mess to occur. It is also all those Establishment Re-puke-licans we keep reelecting.



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