Breaking Silence

Ty O'Really

Ty O’Really

After a long silence, NotAGeek and Ty O’Really are back. Were we on vacation? Sick? Busy? or just Contemplating our respective Navel(s)? No, No, No and No.

We have carefully evaluated each post, and have realized that while we have been entertaining the Choir, we have not had an impact on voting habits, legislation, or any policies put forth by our Lying, Cheating, Criminally insane  and Generally Incompetent leaders and elected officials.

What has become increasingly clear is that our political class is composed primarily of Liars, Criminals, Cheaters and generally Immoral denizens. They represent the highest level of Welfare Cheat any country has ever seen. Even if you live in Hawaii, (the state with the highest levels of payment for Food Stamps, Medicaid, Income supplemental and other forms of welfare remuneration, you may get up to $65,000 of benefits, many of which will never reach your pocket, being paid directly to the various supporting agencies and businesses) you will receive about 1/3 of the salary of a Junior Congressman. Salary, not perks. Factor in perks, like air fair, office expense, entertainment reimbursement, etc. and you, dear Tax Payer, are on the hook for at least $400,000 per year for that newly elected person. Speaking of Etc. — add in Seniority, Chairmanships, and Graft, you are easily looking at $1,500,000 or more. Each.

So, how do they get away with it?

  1. Democrats know their politicians are liars, criminals, cheaters and extravagant spenders of your tax dollars. BUT, They don’t care and vote for them anyway
  2. Republicans know that the other guys politicians are liars, cheaters and grasping Money Mongers swallowing lots of Big Bidness Oil Dollars while ignoring those who put them in office. BUT, Are firmly convinced their candidate is pure as driven snow, and is going to congress to”fix the gubment.”
  3. Libmoose-kneeertarians, Greenies, Socialists, Communists and other minority parties have an Ostrich Complex. Every time someone hollers at them, they stick their butt up in the air and their head in the dirt. And wonder why they keep getting their collective ass kicked in elections.

So what? You ask. Well, look at Argentina1 for example. A “shining example” of libturd government in action.

So what direction will Ty O’Really and I take? I guess we could delete all our blogs and start a new Travelogue, at least the site name would fit. However, Ty could only talk about cat shows, and occasional trips to the veterinarian. I guess I could talk about my trips to the VA, to see my veterinarian 🙂

I think a better course of action would be to just piss of everyone, and quit being so selective about picking on Libturds, Moose-Limbs and others of their ilk.

Ty’s Comments for Today

  1. Donald Trump needs a new hair cut and some cookies to improve his attitude
  2. Ben Carson should return to Neurosurgery, lobotomizing libturds.
  3. Chris Christie was a lot more visible before getting a  stomach band installed.
  4. JEB! needs a last name.

I can only add: Send Clinton to Jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

1. Viva la competencia  author: Andreas Kern