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Connecticut Democrats Erase Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson From Their History

Missouri Democrats Name Their Annual Dinner After a KKK Member

In my mind it is not even worth commenting on. If you are really curious, you can follow the links.

This morning we find that Hillary Rotten Clinton may be in trouble for improperly handling emails, if the POTUS-controlled DOJ follows recommendations of the IG. I think there are other issues that totally disqualify her to even be considered a member of the human race, let alone a candidate for the most powerful job in the world. First off, she lies. She has no intention of doing anything “for” America and it’s citizens. She will only do “to” America what she can get away with, as long as it makes her wealthier than she already is. I think this is evidenced particularly clearly in her recent statements about Planned Parenthood

“For more than a century, Planned Parenthood has provided essential services for women,” Clinton said while campaigning at a community college in Greenville, South Carolina. “And I think it is unfortunate that Planned Parenthood has been the object of such a concerted attack for so many years. And it’s really an attack against a woman’s right to chose.”

Very consistent. So is this.

“And that’s why I think it is essential that we all stand up and say loudly and clearly, ‘Yes, black lives matter.’ And we all have a responsibility to face these hard truths of race and justice honestly and directly,” the 2016 Democratic front-runner said to cheers during a campaign stop at the Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia, South Carolina.

And, so are these :








Find a good Republican to support, throw the above person in the trash.

Shirley, Fred (the cat) and Sniper 1 are forcing me to take them to another cat show, so have a nice weekend. Mr. Allarest and I will do the same.


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