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“We have a wonderful deal, we got everything we wanted and more!”¬† quoted from “The Guardian”, a publication obviously guarding our “Dear Reader” and Iran’s “Dear Leader” from any sort of constructive criticism, lauding over and over all that is un-American. (my dictionary states that this is an unacceptable term, preferring¬† um-American! Has my blog been corrupted and taken over a some Valley Girl impersonator??) If you ever needed proof that the liberal looney left is alive and well, tune into this rag for the ultimate delusional interpretation of the “Iran Deal”

One can only hope that the deal will be “liberally” squashed by our Congress and Senate, leaving Dear Reader flapping in the breeze, having to try an end-run around the American People, perhaps this time whining at the UN for the European Socialist Anti-Freedom network to support him.

Once again, lielieanyone with an ounce of intelligence, when watching POTUS continue to lie to us, can only wonder, “WTF?”


In other news, Scott Walker has finally officially announced running for President. He appears to be in the extreme minority of candidates who have actually accomplished something as a politician, having taken on the toughest of libturd opposition, the labor unions, and won not only sanctions in a strong blue-collar union state, but successfully won in a re-call initiative to unseat him. He has had great success in curbing unrestrained spending and put his state on a strong economic footing.

He also seems to be a candidate who has appeal across a wide spectrum of conservative voters, rating well with all except the die-hard RINO Bush crowd.

Too early to tell, but he looks to be a better choice than the bomb-throwing Trump or Carley Fiorina whose campaign strategy seems to consist of following HRC around the country holding mini-meetings.

On the other hand, neither of these candidates stutter or appear weak in supporting American Ideals, and both have certainly demonstrated leadership in the private sector.

That is it for now, as POTUS Obamus the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey* continues on his mission to destroy our Great Country and steal our Freedoms.


*Obama the Impotent
*President Pantywaist Surrender Monkey




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