The 4 Tenets of Hillary

scandal, fraud, lies, and deceit


If you do not understand the truth of the above or wish to argue, you are oblivious to the ongoing and semi-successful planned destruction of our American Way of Life. In fact you are probably a libturd and not even looking at this page, meaning I am preaching to the choir.

factoid: Do not look on Google images for a less-than-flattering picture of HRC! Google Hillary, get 1000’s of Glam Shots. Guess we know who Mountain View is pushing for President!

 So, on to things that can affect our future:

  • Donald Trump is about the only Republican Candidate for President* who gets any notice from the Liberal Press. Of course, the general theme being that he is the goofy kid hollering “FIRE” in a crowded theater.
  • Jeb Bush, another RINO, darling of the Washington-based RNC will be as popular as was Romney with the conservative voters.
  • Scott Walker will fart around until too late to raise money or get good recognition, and will be run out by the likes of J. Bush, D. Trump and M. Rubio.

Enough for now. Have a great 4th, see you on the other side of (for us) a Cat Show weekend.

*Republican Candidate for President: Started as a barbershop quartet, turning into the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

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