Sanctuary Cities Legalize Murder

First, one quick comment on SC removing the Confederate flag to a museum that, according to a smiley face on Fox News, has been flying for over 5 decades. While the statement is true, we really need to know why it was put back up fifty+ years ago. To celebrate an anniversary of the demise of the South, and an end to slavery? Not quite. It was flown to protest the integration of their public schools. This symbol needs not be enshrined, it needs to be buried.

If you live in San Francisco, New York, Washington (DC), Portland, and a whole host of others, your City, State and Federal Government have colluded to make it easy for ILLEGAL aliens to kill, rape, maim and steal from legal, god-fearing citizens. Citizens, by the way, who pay taxes and expect their governments to provide reasonably safe and secure communities to live in.

Start with POTUS, who has told (NOT “basically” told) Homeland Security and INS to stop exporting illegal entrants to your country, to ignore the so-called Sanctuary Cities who openly and wantonly violate all Federal and State laws regarding incarceration and removal of illegal aliens.

If you do not like the term “illegal alien”, preferring instead “undocumented worker” tough shit. Get over it.  Even though they are ILLEGAL, they are NOT “undocumented.” Many get welfare and food stamps, have their kids attend our schools, and get free medical service, all on your tax dollar. So, even “documented” they are still ILLEGAL and have no right to live in our country, drive on our roads and spend your tax dollars.

Guess with what just happened in San Francisco, POTUS and all the dead-beat representatives and senators we have elected over the years are accessories to first degree murder and need to be prosecuted accordingly.

So, what ya’ gonna’ do about it?

John BoehnerSince Congress has no balls to impeach and DOJ would never even consider prosecuting POTUS, our next best hope is the election.

If you keep voting the for the same grubby, thieving politicians you now have, you can kiss both your ass and your soul goodbye.



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