PETA wants to euthanize you

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According to the ABC affiliate in Tucson, AZ, you cannot be a neuter/spay feral cat and live. PETA, aka People Euthanizing The Animals, wants to kill you and let the mice, rats and other vermin infest your territory, and have other cats come in an breed so they can kill more of you.

So much for Animal Rights groups. They have zero interest in Animal Rights, 100% interest in Interfere with Peoples’ Rights to Own and Care for Animals.

Unfortunately, your local authorities often go with PETA and their bastard cousin HSUS because they donate more to reelection campaigns than you do. After all, you’re just a cat and don’t have a big check book.

Animal Welfare enthusiasts, such as the Pima Animal Care Center and Best Friends, know that the best way to care for and control the population of feral cats are spay/neuter programs.

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