PC Stupid

UXSYMHere we go again. POTUS The Arrogant Mirror Kisser is at it again. Moose-Limbs can never be criticized or accused of terrorist activities. Appropriate minority groups can do no wrong and never be criticized. Illegal aliens have more rights than American Citizens.

Live in New York? Get a pool of 5000 lawyers to defend your illegal right to our welfare, education and medical systems. Live in California? Get an unlawful and illegal drivers license, no citizenship or social security card required. Then, move to a “motor-voter” state and vote your favorite Democrat in office.

Commit a crime? No sweat, just move to a sanctuary city to rape, murder and plunder. ICE won’t interfere with your “rights” to our welfare legal system especially set up for illegal alien criminals.

In the Military, defending our country? F… off, your POTUSĀ  and military leaders in Washington will crap on yonogunu every chance they get. “Disgruntled deranged lone gunmen” going after you? Close the blinds, then you can’t see them. Hide your uniform when you go out. Go to your “base” for safe haven. It is a gun-free zone, so you do not have to worry about defending yourself. Want out of the military to stand tall and protect your family? Better not get a job, you will never get any of the “Benefits” available for illegals or other miscreants.


If you think we are suffering Islamic Terrorist attacks, call the FBI. Thtruthorwelley will investigate for days, months and years only to find a lone mentally disturbed gunman who was abused by his Rebel Flag-flying mother as a child and is not responsible for any actions against you. He will be P. C. Certified not a terrorist, in spite of being a Moose Limb convert with ISIS training and direction, and orders from their leaders to kill everyone in sight.


Just some stray shit that entered my mind while watching the news. Stay tuned for Planned Parenthood Shopping Centers, coming soon to a blog near you.



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