White Trash and Disrespected Moose Limbs

This blog started out as “Bernie-Mentum? No Problemo” and is below, under that name. However, watching news, which may be hazardous to my health, caused me to do this:

White Trash for President

Hillary Rotten Clinton, more or less in line for the Libturd Queen coronation, is all the rage with the what’s in the email crowd. Trey Gowdy and some Inspectors General would like her to go to jail, same as was threatened with General David Petraeus, who basically vocally and publicly disagreed with the POTUS Imbeciles, being fined $100,000 and 2 years probation for a note book with classified information that was shown to a biographer, who also happened to have a high security clearance.

HRC has state secrets on her computers at home, on thumb drives floating somewhere, and was sending state secrets from her own server in violation of Federal Law and Common Sense. However, the DOJ, who fried Gen. Petraeus with glee, has waffled, weaved and dodged about even looking at the Queen To Be. She who is totally untrusted and classed as an habitual liar by 65% of the voting population, she who decries the wealthy while making somewhere about 125 MILLION after-tax dollars in the past few years, including the time she was Secretary of State.

Done pretty well for a libturd lawyer from a Southern state, who cut her teeth on keeping violent lawbreaking members of various protest groups out of jail, at least until she was fired for ineptitude.

Disrespected Moose Limbs

Jeh Johnson disrespects intelligent, peaceful Muslims, preferring to lump them together with the Islamic Terrorist Moose Limbs.

Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson announced the policy this past Friday at Aspen Institute’s annual security forum in Washington, D.C. He explained that though it was a Muslim terrorist who shot to death four unarmed Marines in Tennessee two weeks ago, the government will call the attack, and other similar ones, “violent extremism” and not “Islamic terrorism” — out of respect for the Muslim community.


Bernie-Mentum? No Problemo

Clinton held an organizing event at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. According to her campaign, the rally had a turnout of roughly 850 people –  However, Clinton’s campaign did have to move the afternoon event to a larger venue because of what they said was “increased local interest in attending.”*

This past week Sanders drew the largest crowd yet of any presidential candidate this campaign cycle. An estimated 10,000 people filled an arena in Madison, Wisconsin, to hear him speak.

“Frontrunner” Hillary Rotten Clinton obviously has the situation well under control


Have a nice day. Notageek


WWW of Democrats

WWW of Democrats

Welcome to the Wonderful, Wacky World of the libturd mind.

Connecticut Democrats Erase Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson From Their History

Missouri Democrats Name Their Annual Dinner After a KKK Member

In my mind it is not even worth commenting on. If you are really curious, you can follow the links.

This morning we find that Hillary Rotten Clinton may be in trouble for improperly handling emails, if the POTUS-controlled DOJ follows recommendations of the IG. I think there are other issues that totally disqualify her to even be considered a member of the human race, let alone a candidate for the most powerful job in the world. First off, she lies. She has no intention of doing anything “for” America and it’s citizens. She will only do “to” America what she can get away with, as long as it makes her wealthier than she already is. I think this is evidenced particularly clearly in her recent statements about Planned Parenthood

“For more than a century, Planned Parenthood has provided essential services for women,” Clinton said while campaigning at a community college in Greenville, South Carolina. “And I think it is unfortunate that Planned Parenthood has been the object of such a concerted attack for so many years. And it’s really an attack against a woman’s right to chose.”

Very consistent. So is this.

“And that’s why I think it is essential that we all stand up and say loudly and clearly, ‘Yes, black lives matter.’ And we all have a responsibility to face these hard truths of race and justice honestly and directly,” the 2016 Democratic front-runner said to cheers during a campaign stop at the Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia, South Carolina.

And, so are these :








Find a good Republican to support, throw the above person in the trash.

Shirley, Fred (the cat) and Sniper 1 are forcing me to take them to another cat show, so have a nice weekend. Mr. Allarest and I will do the same.


headlines I did not need to see

headlines I did not need to see

Drag queens banned from Pride event ‘because they may offend transgender people’

A statement from the organizers said: “After much discussion, the trans and non binary caucus* decided not to have drag acts perform at the event.

Washington Post Changed Planned Parenthood ‘Organ Harvesting’ Headline To ‘Research’

pph2 pph3








Ya know, this next one sounds like we are depriving Veterans of needed services: USA Today 7/22/2015

The hopes of veterans who need help starting a family as a result of injuries sustained in combat were dashed Wednesday when Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., pulled a bill that would have allowed the Veterans Affairs Department to fund fertility treatments.

So, why would a Libturd pull such a fine bill?

[she] pulled it after Senate Republicans, led by Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., added amendments that, among other things, would have prohibited the VA from working with Planned Parenthood and other organizations that provide abortion services.

So obviously Patty Murray is more concerned with killing the unborn than helping families have babies? How else can you interpret that? And Democrats claim Republicans have a war on women!!!???

I was going to do a blog today about baby parts shopping at the new Planned Parenthood Shopping Centers, but I think the headlines outdid anything I could say.


* WTF is a “non binary caucus”

PC Stupid

UXSYMHere we go again. POTUS The Arrogant Mirror Kisser is at it again. Moose-Limbs can never be criticized or accused of terrorist activities. Appropriate minority groups can do no wrong and never be criticized. Illegal aliens have more rights than American Citizens.

Live in New York? Get a pool of 5000 lawyers to defend your illegal right to our welfare, education and medical systems. Live in California? Get an unlawful and illegal drivers license, no citizenship or social security card required. Then, move to a “motor-voter” state and vote your favorite Democrat in office.

Commit a crime? No sweat, just move to a sanctuary city to rape, murder and plunder. ICE won’t interfere with your “rights” to our welfare legal system especially set up for illegal alien criminals.

In the Military, defending our country? F… off, your POTUS  and military leaders in Washington will crap on yonogunu every chance they get. “Disgruntled deranged lone gunmen” going after you? Close the blinds, then you can’t see them. Hide your uniform when you go out. Go to your “base” for safe haven. It is a gun-free zone, so you do not have to worry about defending yourself. Want out of the military to stand tall and protect your family? Better not get a job, you will never get any of the “Benefits” available for illegals or other miscreants.


If you think we are suffering Islamic Terrorist attacks, call the FBI. Thtruthorwelley will investigate for days, months and years only to find a lone mentally disturbed gunman who was abused by his Rebel Flag-flying mother as a child and is not responsible for any actions against you. He will be P. C. Certified not a terrorist, in spite of being a Moose Limb convert with ISIS training and direction, and orders from their leaders to kill everyone in sight.


Just some stray shit that entered my mind while watching the news. Stay tuned for Planned Parenthood Shopping Centers, coming soon to a blog near you.



I’m Pissed.

I just went through the top 10 or so listings on Google, and currently have Fox s_New_ze on the TV. All I hear is about this demented Moose-Limb that killed 4 (FOUR) of our wonderful HOORAH! Marines.

gunFreeZoneWith all due respect, Fox s_New_ze did post pictures and a short bio of these heroes who are required by the POTUS to stand guard with no weapons, and work in a Gun Free Zone. Of course, POTUS also requires that they never, ever are allowed to use Moose-Limb and Terrorist in the same sentence.

Except for the live thingy on Fox s_New_ze, every single link I followed had a big picture of the asshole who committed the atrocities against our soldiers. Not one link gave more than a small tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives to this slimy terrorist thing. Really, who gives a shit about this creep other than he immediately received an opportunity to spend eternity in Hell?

And what is to “discover” that the FBI and local police do not already know? He is an “ISLAMIC TERRORIST” simple and end of sentence. He is NOT a “homegrown gunman” as POTUS the Arrogant Mirror Kisser claims. Congressman Michael T. McCaul, my HomeGrown Congress person, wants to counter Violent Extremism. Hey, MTM, this is NOT Extremism! this is Moose-Limb Terrorism, sponsored, condoned, and blessed by ISIS. So what, are you becoming a RINO or worse, an 0bams kisser?

I could rant for hours. Let me cut it short.

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.



The 3rd Rail

Welfare, aka “The 3rd Rail” has been described as a death trap for any politician. Probably the same for any poor blogger that approaches the subject. So, with that in mind, I am finding the highest voltage 3rd rail available to step on.

What brought up the subject is this inflammatory headline

A Third of Veterans Waiting for VA Help Have Died*

The intent is to show how horrible the neglect for veterans by the VA. And, in many, many situations, they have let our Veterans who really, really needed them languish and die. May those responsible burn in Hell.

But, if I may, before passing final sentence on the VA, ask: Is the VA responsible for every veteran that ever served with or without service connected disabilities, or is it there to first serve those wounded in battle needing extended care, and 2nd help veterans that have other service connected problems with no other recourse, followed by the rest requesting help? Is this an unreasonable question or not?

I am a Vietnam-era veteran. I served in the swamps of Vietnam, put up with bugs, filth, being shot at any given time of the day or night, working 14 hours a day for an average of 18-21 days at a stretch with no breaks, exposed to Agent Orange, of course, and bringing home a bad case tinnitus coupled with more or less 50% hearing loss and fungus infection that has stayed regardless of treatment rendered. I worked as a com center specialist, so had it pretty good compared to guys in the field. When I got back, there was no help. I came home, got a job and paid for group insurance. That worked for 25-30 years. Never had to contact the VA, and did not want to because other Veterans who were less fortunate than I needed those benefits.

Come age 55, starting my own business primarily due to age discrimination, no insurance and developing health problems. My wife had been after me to get some health care. I had no where to turn, starting a business meant I had “worth” that exceeded any levels for medicaid or most charity. A friend convinced me to go to the VA for help. I explained the situation, filled out the forms. Almost immediately upon income verifications, I got the help I needed. No waiting, no run around, and found a lot of people really concerned about “my” situation.

A trip to the VA does cause consternation because I see so many in such great need, but at the same time, I see “disabled” veterans who use valet parking for their Lexus SUV so that they do not have to walk or take a bus from a distant parking area. They seem to be only handicapped by the need to drive expensive vehicles and not perspire in their expensive clothes. Do they need help? Are they the ones waiting in line who almost died waiting for help? They are not the ones driving salvage-grade vehicles, struggling with walkers and wheelchairs who parked in the parking lot and struggled to get to their appointment because someone else might need more help than they.

Now, here comes the high-voltage rebuke. Congress, in their numb-nut stupidity, have declared that everyone who ever joined the service to get the educational, housing and other income benefits coming to service personnel, never be turned away.  No means testing, no needs testing. Just “free health care for all”, the same mantra POTUS is spouting to the welfare recipients. “YOU ARE ENTITLED”

I think not. I think those who can afford the healthcare should pay for it. I think the VA should be there as they were there for me when I needed them.

That’s the way I see it. Okay?? So take me out and shoot me


*Read more at http://politicaloutcast.com/2015/07/a-third-of-veterans-waiting-for-va-help-have-died/#AejxdyEcLlsAJxxX.99

Wilco Tango Foxtrot

“We have a wonderful deal, we got everything we wanted and more!”  quoted from “The Guardian”, a publication obviously guarding our “Dear Reader” and Iran’s “Dear Leader” from any sort of constructive criticism, lauding over and over all that is un-American. (my dictionary states that this is an unacceptable term, preferring  um-American! Has my blog been corrupted and taken over a some Valley Girl impersonator??) If you ever needed proof that the liberal looney left is alive and well, tune into this rag for the ultimate delusional interpretation of the “Iran Deal”

One can only hope that the deal will be “liberally” squashed by our Congress and Senate, leaving Dear Reader flapping in the breeze, having to try an end-run around the American People, perhaps this time whining at the UN for the European Socialist Anti-Freedom network to support him.

Once again, lielieanyone with an ounce of intelligence, when watching POTUS continue to lie to us, can only wonder, “WTF?”


In other news, Scott Walker has finally officially announced running for President. He appears to be in the extreme minority of candidates who have actually accomplished something as a politician, having taken on the toughest of libturd opposition, the labor unions, and won not only sanctions in a strong blue-collar union state, but successfully won in a re-call initiative to unseat him. He has had great success in curbing unrestrained spending and put his state on a strong economic footing.

He also seems to be a candidate who has appeal across a wide spectrum of conservative voters, rating well with all except the die-hard RINO Bush crowd.

Too early to tell, but he looks to be a better choice than the bomb-throwing Trump or Carley Fiorina whose campaign strategy seems to consist of following HRC around the country holding mini-meetings.

On the other hand, neither of these candidates stutter or appear weak in supporting American Ideals, and both have certainly demonstrated leadership in the private sector.

That is it for now, as POTUS Obamus the Impotent Pantywaist Surrender Monkey* continues on his mission to destroy our Great Country and steal our Freedoms.


*Obama the Impotent
*President Pantywaist Surrender Monkey





What are we talking about in this blog? Basically the future of our Great Country, the history and knowledge we can pass on to the next generation, and whether or not they will end up as slaves to the government, forever dependent on government handouts. We also attempt make aware that over-socialization can lead to a poverty level Argentina still suffers since 2001: High government spending on social welfare programs, printing of new money and an ailing currency have fueled one of the world’s highest inflation rates. In January 2014, the government was forced to devalue the peso.*

So why are the 2 most popular recent articles about PETA and MOO In Portuguese? Important, yes. But not vital to our future.

Comment from a reader:

Guess what George, we did vote in the last election and changed out a bunch of the riff raff, but the new ones turned into the same garbage the old ones were.  We didn’t vote for the same old same old, but we got the same old anyway.

A valid comment, but… too many did not vote for new ones. If they did, we would not have




The fact that you and I did our job, but others did not probably means we didn’t spread enough joy and encouragement when stressing the importance of voting in “new”, meaning really new, not just more, politicians. Virtually every “new” Republican congress person and Senator was vetted and approved by the RNC. That means they were predetermined to support the Good Ol’ Grafters .

Currently, we have ump-teen candidates running for President. Step one, get rid of all Has Beens regardless of how well we may or may not like them. Goodbye Huckabee, Graham, Santorum, Pataki. Be very suspicious of anybody recommended by the RNC and/or Rove. Goodbye Bush, and probably Christie.

To make a big change, we will have to elect Republicans and maybe a few Libertarians (?really???), basically those who would not tolerate the sell-outs-in-charge and whose avowed goal is to defeat the Libturdian Politically Correct Socialist-Communist-Democratic party.

What? What will you do as we are now entering the overly-long primary season?



*Reuters, Wed Jul 30, 2014 Chronology: Argentina’s turbulent history of economic crises

Sanctuary Cities Legalize Murder

First, one quick comment on SC removing the Confederate flag to a museum that, according to a smiley face on Fox News, has been flying for over 5 decades. While the statement is true, we really need to know why it was put back up fifty+ years ago. To celebrate an anniversary of the demise of the South, and an end to slavery? Not quite. It was flown to protest the integration of their public schools. This symbol needs not be enshrined, it needs to be buried.

If you live in San Francisco, New York, Washington (DC), Portland, and a whole host of others, your City, State and Federal Government have colluded to make it easy for ILLEGAL aliens to kill, rape, maim and steal from legal, god-fearing citizens. Citizens, by the way, who pay taxes and expect their governments to provide reasonably safe and secure communities to live in.

Start with POTUS, who has told (NOT “basically” told) Homeland Security and INS to stop exporting illegal entrants to your country, to ignore the so-called Sanctuary Cities who openly and wantonly violate all Federal and State laws regarding incarceration and removal of illegal aliens.

If you do not like the term “illegal alien”, preferring instead “undocumented worker” tough shit. Get over it.  Even though they are ILLEGAL, they are NOT “undocumented.” Many get welfare and food stamps, have their kids attend our schools, and get free medical service, all on your tax dollar. So, even “documented” they are still ILLEGAL and have no right to live in our country, drive on our roads and spend your tax dollars.

Guess with what just happened in San Francisco, POTUS and all the dead-beat representatives and senators we have elected over the years are accessories to first degree murder and need to be prosecuted accordingly.

So, what ya’ gonna’ do about it?

John BoehnerSince Congress has no balls to impeach and DOJ would never even consider prosecuting POTUS, our next best hope is the election.

If you keep voting the for the same grubby, thieving politicians you now have, you can kiss both your ass and your soul goodbye.



PETA wants to euthanize you

(notageek is off this weekend, please enjoy the following post from Ty O’Really)

According to the ABC affiliate in Tucson, AZ, you cannot be a neuter/spay feral cat and live. PETA, aka People Euthanizing The Animals, wants to kill you and let the mice, rats and other vermin infest your territory, and have other cats come in an breed so they can kill more of you.

So much for Animal Rights groups. They have zero interest in Animal Rights, 100% interest in Interfere with Peoples’ Rights to Own and Care for Animals.

Unfortunately, your local authorities often go with PETA and their bastard cousin HSUS because they donate more to reelection campaigns than you do. After all, you’re just a cat and don’t have a big check book.

Animal Welfare enthusiasts, such as the Pima Animal Care Center and Best Friends, know that the best way to care for and control the population of feral cats are spay/neuter programs.

For more info, visit http://bestfriends.org/

Ty O’Reallytyleroreally