How Do You Say “moo” in Portuguese?

brazil-cowIn my morning edition of Meatingplace Editorial, the headline article “U.S. opens market to Brazilian fresh beef” caught my attention, especially after the Brazil oil industry received 2 billion in loan guarantees from our Import/Export bank. Looking at the comments, Brazil may have some problems as they and Argentina have been restricted since (at least the mid-40’s ?) to only importing canned beef. There seems to have been no reciprocal trade agreement for export of our products to Brazil. The picture is of a Brazil cross breed cow. Looks like the cross was with a camel?

Am I justifiably suspicious of anything our Federal government gets involved in? Maybe, since later this morning, there is POTUS who continually tries to lie to the few intelligent people left in our Great Country, with no less than the current President of Brazil, vowing full support of POTUS in his so-called Global Warming Initiative, aka “US closes all factories and production, raises electric rates to out-of-reach levels for all Americans not on welfare” Act.

Me? Suspicious of POTUS motives? Really?

Just another treasonous act against America, with no consequence from our elected representatives and senators.







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