I am trying to do some legitimate research about the Liberal Left, aka Libturds. It is really very difficult, as the further I dig into their miniscule minds, the less legitimacy I find.

libturdianTo wit, just this AM, Fox and Friends had 3 political hacks discussing Jeb Bush and his comments stating that he believed Dubya was right when he invaded Iraq. There were two Vegans, had to be Vegan as both the women, one with dyed black hair and the other with a bleached blonde “red-neck”  wig (because as everyone knows, libturd skinny vegan women have mousey, unhealthy-looking hair) looked like death-warmed-over. The “conservative” booster was fresh out of the tanning bed. The dark-dye job managed to get “Bush the warmonger,” “Immigration Reform” and “Common Core” in one 10-word slander. The Blonde Wig managed to say no one wanted a candidate who still lives in the past, too dumb to realize the Iraq war was a mistake, unlike Hitlery Rodham Clinton who is smart enough to change with the times.

Mr. Tanning Bed tried to speak, and with the second word out of his mouth being “Hillary” and then something-corruption, was whined out by the Vegan bimbos on either side of him until time ran out. God forbid, anyone should have some common sense to speak when a Libturd is around. Once they get their lies and misstatements out, they will shout you down louder and quicker than a hairy Imam.

So what did I plantationactually discover? Studying carefully about Baltimore, New York City, Chicago and the old Southern plantations, I keep coming up with one recurring Libturd Democrat theme, whether the themester be 0bama, Sharpton,  de Blasio or Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake and the DOJ, Homeland Security and a bunch of others, is that all libturds have lots of money and live in the suburbs. For their voter base and everyone else, they want you to live in government housing with nothing more that a welfare check and lots of cameras trained on you to make sure you are only doing approved things.

In summary, we have many Republican candidates already announced for the 2016 elections, and probably several more to come. Most are pretty smart, and appear to be really interested in taking back our country from the libturds and imams. On the other side, you have HRC (Hillary Real Crooked, I think it stands for) who is trusted about as much as a rabid dog and makes the current mirror-kisser in the White House look rather conservative, honest and upstanding.

Stay tuned, as me and Ty O’Really have a whole lot more to say over the next few months.

from way down on the #plantation, NotaGeek and Ty