Stealth Vehicle

Hillary-in-her-mystery-machineHoo-Rah! Hillary is on the campaign trail in a big way! So far, she was caught sneaking in a Chipotle food line and ordering a Burrito Bowl, created from sustainably raised food, whatever that means. (I guess it is not for the transgendered, since once you eat them, they are gone forever.) I wonder if she had a margarita in a plastic cup? Or would she consider that too up-scale for Mr/Ms Middle America?

Then, off to “important contacts” in her stealth vehicle. The press is rumored to have had a hard time tracking the Van D’Coronation, described by some as a blurry distortion of a cloaked Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

Our very own Ty O’Really was able to get a rare photo of fans anxiously awaiting her arrivalThe-Paperboy-008.

As you can see, large crowds greeted her in the now-traditional Libturd Hands-up-don’t- greeting.



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