Clinton was right-kinda


Yoga-induced selfie

HRC was right to have her own email server, unlike POTUS Cameldung.  According to recent news reports, “Russian Hackers Breached White House Via US State Department.” Can’t you just imagine Putin with selfies of Hilary doing her Yoga exercise?

Speaking of POTUS the insipid-mirror-kisser, he is removing Cuba from the terrorist watch list. Now that Iran and Hamas have been removed, that only leaves Concerned Conservatives and some Tea Party organizations. That should make his job much easier, as he can play golf and smoke Cuban cigars in between his daily lies to the American Public and running down Christians at “prayer” breakfasts.

The only thing we have not seen him do yet is bowing towards Mecca several times a day. Maybe he does that in the new White House transgendered bathroom facilities aka The She-It House?


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