Unfit to be called Mr. President

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) calls out Obama’s childish veto threats

Senator McCain called out Obama and told him: “Get over your temper tantrum!

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld: “This president has tried to find a way to blame everybody or anybody for everything. Leadership requires that you stand up, take a position, provide clarity and take responsibility. ”

Canada Free Press: “This … isn’t the first time that President Barack Obama would have us believe the Fairytale Fatwa …”

U.K. Independence Party head Nigel Farage: I see an American president who doesn’t actually have the courage to address the essential issues …”

Douglas E. Schoen has served as a pollster for President Bill Clinton “It’s time for the Obama White House to grow up … “lielie

No, Mr. POTUS, it is not time to grow up. It is time for you to go home. You have lost the faith of the American People. You have lost the faith of the World.

When people, press and politicos around the world find just cause to deride the Dear Reader,

Time to say “Good Bye.”

So lets tell Boehner and McConnell to take all possible action to send POTUS  to the plantation he wants everyone else to live on.

If that doesn’t work. then listen to the speech Ted Cruz gave this morning and get on board.

That’s all for now, from a thoroughly disgusted NotaGeek

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