Rand Paul & Mary Jane

Libertarians and Liberals, have something in common besides the first 5 letters of their name. It has beewheelofsuccessn said by many, me included, that they are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Just maybe, though, More like opposite ends of a hamster Wheel.

More on this…. Puff the Magic Dragon… below.


In other reports, Glenn Beck admitted joining the huge masses the liber-als use to their ends. “I am not an expert … by any stretch of the imagination,” Beck said. “But I have heard enough…”

Oh? Really? Beck espouses that one only need not be totally uninformed to make informed decisions? Recent Beckisms “Drop the NRA” “Drop the GOP” Crank-ism at it’s best.

Want to start a new party? What ya gonna call it, Beck? The 2nd National Republican Party?

Rand Paul joins Democratic Libturds sponsoring a “Get Veterans High on Pot” bill. Senators Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, both Democrats, and Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican, introduced the bill earlier this month. They were joined by Dean Heller (R, NV) and now Barbara Boxer (D, CA). Hey, Fox News, I wonder what John Stossel will have to say about that?

Welcome to the new Liber(eral)tarianism. Let’s all run out and join. Then, we can Get High on Pot, Drop our NRA membership and, hey — while at it — why not just vote Hillary for Pres?


In other news, I just watched a clip (on FOX News) of a guy trying to break into a Boston (City of Brotherly Love) police station. Huh? What? Yes, they have locked doors with break-resistance glass. Need help? Call 911, cause if you try to get into the police station to get help, you will get arrested for attempted breaking and entering and vandalism!

Thanks to all of the above-mentioned individuals for assuring us that we just don’t need to pay attention any more. They are doing it for us.

ATT00008With just a little help from God, they won’t see the storm clouds forming.


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