Guest Columnist Ty O’Really

Believing that all issues may have 2 sides, today I have invited a guest communist  columnist to offer some potentially different viewpoints to those normally expressed here.

tyleroreallyIt is with great pleasure that I introduce Mr. Ty O’Really. He reviewed my recent blog “judgement-free zones” and left a secret “message” right outside my office door. His position is that everyone is entitled to a judgement-free zone and should never-ever be criticized for their stupid, liberal ideas of how You Must Live with their intrusion into your life. You can certainly see by his wide-eyed stare that keeps close scrutiny on all of my activities.

While he does have a problem with written communications, he can visually express his opinion, as our friend Amy Shojai found when she offered him an “inappropriate” toy. He indicated it was also an appropriate response to many of my blogs.



Have a great weekend.



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