Camel Dung President

All things surface sooner or later. A week or so ago, we heard that the State Department had removed Iran and Hamas from their terrorist list. At the time, I thought it might be retaliation against Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for daring to speak to our Congress and to actually win an election in his own country despite the efforts of the despot in the White House. Now we know why. Only by doing that first could he practice the level of hate, discontent and race-baiting announced by Fox News just this AM.

In his ego-manic quest to throw Israel and the American People under the bus, POTUS Obamus the Impotent Pantywiamthedreamaist Surrender Monkey* has joined forces with the leading sponsor of world-wide terrorism to promote the tribal Shee-ites and kill all the Sue-Knee tribal members they can find.  No, despite misconceptions of the Liberal Left and the Looney Bin White House, Shee-Ites (Shities for short) are not peace loving peoples only trying to stomp out the Greedy Capitalist Sue-Mees.

Truth is both are from the shallow end of the gene pool, still living in an age where if you had neighbors, you took all their money, sold the women and children into slavery, and killed the rest. Book-cover

Apparently, POTUS is from the shallow end of the gene pool, too. Since taking office, he has bowed to many kings, cowed before all strong leaders, pissed off our Allies and continually lied to the American People while trampling the Constitution, stealing our Freedoms and, of course, Playing Golf. In addition, he has now declared himself a Shee-Ite. That should really thrill our Saudi allies.

Unfortunately, this is not a nightmare or even a dirty joke. It is hard reality, despite what the press and most politicians have to say. This man is dangerous and needs to be removed from office.

Large protest movements may be good for now in conjunction with putting pressure on our Congress and Senate, and using the Voting Booth.


* Lest you accuse me of making up Honorary Titles for our POTUS, here are the original sources.
Obama the Impotent
President Pantywaist Surrender Monkey

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